5 Useful Marketing Ideas For Opticians

1. Be an Expert

The market is a very crowded one. To stand out, be an expert in this field. Most importantly, let people know about your expertise. Make sure your practice gives all customers useful and correct information. Create a blog and use this to show people you know everything there is to know about eyes. For example, you could share eye-care tips, developments in opticians software or the latest fashion trends for glasses.

5 Useful Marketing Ideas For Opticians

2. Be Reassuring

A lot of people are scared of going to the dentist. Do not make them scared of going to the optician. Make everything about your practice welcoming and inviting. Let people know your practice is professionally regulated. Be as child-friendly and as family-friendly as you can. If people are not scared of going to the optician, they’re likely to spend more time there and are more likely to spend.

3. Be the Best

According to the BBC, smartphone apps are now capable of testing your eyes. What this means is that optician practices face competition from developing technology. If you want your practice to succeed, you have to be the best. You have to be better than all other practices, and you have to be better than developing technology. In other words, you have to be at the top of your game.

4. Be Efficient

A good optician’s practice should run smoothly. When customers see disorder and disorganisation, this can reflect badly on the business. Invest in a practice management system, such as the one available at blinkoms, to cut down on paperwork and have the most important areas of your business managed. The more efficient and organised the business is, the better the customer experience will be. If customers are dealt with professionally and efficiently, they will be less likely to go elsewhere for eye-care services.

5. Be Sociable

Treat your customers well and they will treat you well in return. Give them time to get used to their new glasses or contacts, and then get in touch to see whether they are happy with their purchase. Follow-up calls can result in the customer spending more, but they are also a useful way of reminding the customer about your practice. When the customer has an appointment, be on first-name terms with them and make them feel welcome.

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