5 Ways To Build More Twitter Followers

Who doesn’t want to have more followers on Twitter? While most everyone I know would say they want more followers, before you begin building followers, you need to know why you want the followers in the first place. If you’re doing it because you feel like you’re supposed to have a lot of followers or because big numbers boost your ego then you need to rethink what you’re doing and why.

Here are some techniques to build more followers to your Twitter:

Post to Facebook
One of the first methods to getting more Twitter followers is to post to a network you already have a following on, such as your Facebook page. It might sound really obvious but so many people forget this. Just because they are already connected with you on Facebook does not mean they will not want to connect with you on Twitter as well. So post your Twitter handle and invite people to follow you. It’s that simple!

Promote on Your Blog
Next, remember to mention it on your blog. Use social media plugins or tools to add a Twitter button to your site so people who read can follow you. You can also add it to the bottom of blog posts you make or that you make on other sites. If your Twitter account is new, you might even do an introductory blog post announcing it and telling readers how they can follow you and stay updated each time you have a new blog post available.

Retweet and Shout Out
Retweets and shout outs are the most basic functions of Twitter so it only makes sense that they would help you get more followers. The real trick is that most people don’t know how to do it correctly. Unless they have specifically set their feed to private, you can shout out to people without them following you or you following them. It’s just another way to have a conversation by using the @. When you RT or shout out people who are active in your niche or those you want to follow you back, there is a good chance they will do so. Others in their stream may follow you as well. So get out there and get social with people.

Use Triberr
Triberr is a tool meant to help you increase the reach of your original blog content. While it initially only integrated Twitter, it now works with and posts to Facebook and LinkedIn as well. The point is, when you sign up for Triberr and you join tribes that fit your niche, you post the blog content of other tribe members and they post yours. This benefits your Twitter in a variety of ways. First, it’s getting you more content of interest to share and stream. Secondly, you will received more @’s from people sharing your content with shows your account as more popular and finally, all of the people sharing your blog content to their Twitter feeds are also sharing your Twitter handle and you can get more follow backs from this.

Buy Some Followers
Another technique to consider to help you build more Twitter followers is to buy Twitter Followers to launch a new account or to boost your account if it grows stagnant at some point. The boost can help you get over a hump, a follow limit or just bring some new activity to the account.

With these tips and techniques, you can start building your Twitter followers today. Reach more people with your content, build brand awareness and connect with your customer base.

Lisa Mason is a social media marketer and writer for Buy More Fans. She loves helping people with their social media accounts. Say hi on Twitter @writerlisamason

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