5 Ways To Enjoy The Dreaded Task Of Homework

I think every parent and every student feels the same way about homework. Escaping the homework crunch can be easier than one would imagine. After a long day of school and/ or work the last thing that is on our minds is more work. There are five ways you can relax and hit the books.

Treat Yourself

Motivate by telling yourself and your children that when homework is done a family privilege will be enacted. Such privileges can be going swimming, watching a family program together, going to a local park, or making ice cream sundaes after dinner.

Change The Environment

Doing homework in a different environment can help encourage the homework fatigue. Try going to a local library or setting up study dates. Children love doing homework with their friends. Adults love participating in study groups with fellow classmates because they get studying done and still can visit with other adults.

5 Ways To Enjoy The Dreaded Task Of Homework

Learning Games

Make games that include spelling words and math problems to help the children with learning. Make separate piles of flashcards, one for each person depending on what they are learning. Example: A five year who is learning to read, use simple word cards and 1-10 math problems with addition and subtraction. Use harder math problems and spelling words for an eight year old. Picture cards for toddlers and periodic elements and algebra problems for adults. Each person can pick a card from their pile, whoever gets the most right wins. Reward with a small piece of candy or a small toy.

Switch To The Computer

Utilize today’s technology. Find practice problems on the internet and teach your child how to spell check using Microsoft Word. If your child has to write spelling words, let them type them on the computer and then print the words next to it.

5 Ways To Enjoy The Dreaded Task Of Homework

Find Similar Interests

Finding activities such as family field trips or outings to get excited about what you are learning really helps. I noticed that I was more interested in chemistry when I started paying attention to the chemicals used in products such as shampoos and soaps. My eldest son was very interested in science when we found a live clam in the ocean and dissected it. We looked up clam anatomy in my biology books and talked about the parts and functions of a clam.

No matter how exhausted with the homework battle, there are other options to spice up the education. Even when one option doesn’t work, don’t give up, try another. You and your children will be less stressed out if homework becomes fun and natural. Keeping with the same routine each day becomes boring. Teaching children other ways to learn will help them even essays and research papers when they get to college.