5 Ways To Get The Shabby Chic Look

Shabby chic is a beautiful and eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary design, blending pastel tones, elegant lines and floral patterns for a unique style which, coincidentally, is currently on the wish list of many homeowners right now. To help you achieve this, make sure you follow our top five tips which will help you achieve the shabby look you are seeking in your home – and all without spending a fortune.

Tip One: Concoct the Right Colour Scheme

If you want bold, bright and daring – then this is the wrong style for you. Shabby chic is dainty, elegant and subtle. To get the look you need to be an avid fan of pastel colours, and gold and brass detailing. If you want a feature wall, you can choose a cottage-inspired/vintage wallpaper which details delicate flowers and subtle colours throughout its design.

One way to get some colour into your home is through accessories, and with this interior design accessories and furniture are essential.

Tip Two: Restoration Finds & Buys

Furniture is key to this design, and vintage/antique furniture items which have been restored, painted and then distressed is an affordable and highly effective way to get this look. Top places to look are charity furniture shops and eBay.

These items will usually be painted white or cream, and will have been sanded gently to show signs of distress. This creates a furniture item which is warm, unique and beachesque.

As this look is very popular at the moment you will be able to find shabby-chic furniture in many high-street stores – but this comes as a price. If you are not willing to pay a lot for a brand-new shabby chic furniture item, then there are lots of people who enjoy restoring furniture as a hobby – top places to look for restored furniture is preloved.com and ebay.com

Tip Three: Light Up Your World

The type of lighting you have can enhance any interior design – and for those seeking the shabby-chic look then you have to be willing to place a chandelier in your room (do you think you could bare it?). Its chic and completely stunning – so make sure you put it on the top of your wish list. Personally, I love the chandeliers which are available from Next – however if you want to do this on the cheap then TK Maxx is a good place to start. It’s normally hit and miss, however they do have some stunning pieces so it’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled.

Tip Four: Soft Furnishings

To get the shabby chic look you need to mix the hard lines of your furniture with the soft, miss-matched and often floral designs of fabric. This can be incorporated through cushions, blinds, curtains, rugs and table covers.

Textures are important when it comes to shabby chic, and with this in mind it’s important to incorporate lots of different textures, patterns and colours (remember to make sure they are pastel colours).

Tip Five: Cluster Your Stuff

Set the scene by clustering your photo frames, mirrors and cushions. This gives it an eclectic look which looks random – even if it isn’t. Mirror frames and photo frames are great, especially if you have the time to white wash and distress them so that they are all different, but complementary to one another.

These are our top five tips to achieving a shabby chic look for your home – good luck!

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This article was written by Gayle Brown on behalf of English Blinds; an online retailer of affordable blinds, which includes those in a range of pastel shades and floral designs for a budding interior designer looking to re-create the shabby-chic look in their home.

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