5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

I learned the hard way that you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself and your home. Living in a small town, the last thing on my mind was someone breaking in, and this is exactly what happened, while I was there.

It may seem like Common Sense

Even as I look back on the burglary I shake my head. I made it easy for the robbers to break-in, as I had no locks on the windows, no deadbolts on the doors and no home security system installed. As I sat in my bed reading a book, I heard them come into my home and my heart dropped. I dialed 9-1-1 and was able to get help in about 2 minutes, as a police officer was right around the corner.

I was protected this day by the grace of God, but I won’t chance it again. The following day I immediately turned the laptop on and began looking for home security systems. I was able to find a great company when I happened to find the website www.happyhealth.net.

5 Ways to Stay Safe

As I began reading the Protect America review I knew I had found the company for me, and immediately spoke with a representative and set my service up. They were quick and friendly, and helped me to discover even more ways to stay safe. Here are five of the best tips I learned:

– Keep your Home security alarm on at all times, even when you are there. Hang signs in your yard to scare away potential intruders, and place stickers on your door.

– Ensure that your windows are locked at all times. The windows are an easy method of entrance for a burglar. Your security system should alert you if the windows are touched.

– Backup never hurts. There are many door stoppers and other cheap security devices you can add to your home. They are well-worth the small costs.

– Deadbolts are a must. Maybe even two deadbolts. With a deadbolt you are provide 75% ore protection than with a single lock alone.

– Lock the doors behind you. So often I would come in and not even lock the door behind me. A big no-no. Disaster can strike at any time. Never leave your doors open, and as soon as you enter, turn around and lock them.

I feel more safe and confident with my home security system and these great tips, and I hope you will, too!

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