5 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure And Family Safe

Every home should be protected by at least one CCTV. The flexibility and control that a CCTV provides for home surveillance is unparalleled. Whether you’ve already made this addition to your home or in the process of doing so, it’s probably peaked your interest in how to keep your home secure and family safe. If want to know what else you can do to maximize your home’s security, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and effective options:

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Quality Locks: Although this may seem like a given, far too many homes have at least one door that’s not secured with a proper lock. Any door in your home that leads outside should have a one inch deadbolt lock.

Be Smart About Extra Keys: If you add new locks to your doors but then put an extra set of keys under a flower pot or mat, you’re basically canceling out the added security of the locks. The best option is not to leave any extra keys around. But if this is something that you feel you need to have available to you and your family, properly protect the keys by putting them in a discrete container that requires a combination to open.

Utilize Interior and Exterior Lighting: While you probably like to keep your utility costs as low as possible, it’s important to realize the deterring impact that even a small amount of light can have inside and outside your home. Outdoor lights that automatically come on when the sun goes down are a great way to illuminate otherwise pitch black areas of your home’s exterior. What’s especially appealing is this type of light can fully run on just solar energy. And in terms of your home’s interior, if you plan on being away on a trip, be sure to figure out a good way to illuminate inside your home so it doesn’t look completely dark for the whole time you’re gone.

Be Prepared in the Event of a Fire: An intruder isn’t the only thing that can compromise the integrity of your home. If a fire breaks out, it can cause a significant amount of damage in a very short period of time. In addition to regularly testing your smoke detectors to ensure that their batteries don’t need to be replaced, it’s important to create a plan for your family and review it on a regular basis. Although this type of drill may seem a little silly, the reason it’s important is because if a fire ever does break out, you want your family to be able to react automatically.

Think About Weak Points: Most homes have at least one weak point that would make it very easy for a burglar to enter. A sliding patio door is the most common. Because this type of door is made of a large piece of glass, it would be trivial for an intruder to break it and enter. In addition to using a steel bar to keep a sliding door in place, you may want to consider going a step further by truly securing the door through the use of glass break sensors.

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