5 Ways To Make Your Baby Shower Stand Out

So you’re planning a baby shower for your friend, sister, cousin, niece, coworker, or college roommate. You’ve sent out the invites; the date is set. But where to go from here? You’ve been to so many baby showers, and they all seem to be the same. Nothing really stands out in your mind. And while, yes, this is all about the proud mother-to-be, you still want to plan something special. With all the hard work you’ll be putting in, you want this baby shower to stand out. You want to show your friend that you love her, and you also want to plan an event that everyone will remember.

You know you want to plan a stand-out baby shower, but you just don’t know where to start.

So, to help you out, here are 5 ways to make your baby shower stand out:

1. Choose a unique theme.

If you want to plan a truly stand-out baby shower, it all starts with a theme. If you can find a fun or unique theme, it’s so much easier from there. You will then be able to plan your entire shower around this theme. You can use your theme to stand out in one of two ways: you can either choose a theme that is unique on its own and will stand out, or you can choose a more basic theme but be unique in the way you implement it.

2. Find fun games.

You want your baby shower guests to have a good time, don’t you? Of course they’ll have an enjoyable time just socializing with each other and celebrating their friend who is the expectant mother. But to help things along a bit, and to help you party truly stand out, plan some fun games to play during the shower. Choose games that will match the theme of your party. Plan fun, unique, boisterous games. If you can get your guests laughing, they will remember your shower as a good time.

3. Use food to stand out.

We like to make fun of guys for only caring about food. But let’s be honest, we are the same way! It’s all about the food to us. You can go through so much trouble to plan and implement and fun or unique theme, but if your food is just blah, then all of that work will have been for naught. So make sure that you put the most effort into the food. Really use your food to drive your theme home. Use different plays on words of things that relate to the theme of your party to name your food. Plan food with colors that match the theme you are going for. And, most importantly, make sure that it tastes good!

4. Don’t forget the party favors!

If you want your baby shower to stand out in your guests’ minds, send them home with something to remember the party by. Not only will this give them nice warm fuzzies, but it will help them to remember how cute your theme was, and how much fun they had. This is your last chance to make a good lasting impression for your party. The party favors don’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive, just something to tell your guests thank you for coming, and help keep your party’s memory alive. And just like with the games and food, if you can find a party favor that incorporates your theme into it, even better.

5. Get a good gift.

Don’t forget that the whole purpose of your planning this shower is to help show your love to the mother-to-be. So your #1 goal should be to make the shower stand out in her mind! So don’t forget to get her a good gift. Of course she will remember the love you showed her by planning such a great party. But your gift will be the thing that she will get to take home with her and actually use. So make sure that in all the business of planning your party, that you don’t forget to actually get a gift for her! You don’t want to put all that work into planning the shower, and then have your work be overshadowed by all the other great gifts that are there. So make sure to get her a good gift too.

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