5 Ways To Relieve Upper Back Pain

Back pain will affect your ability to carry out daily functions. The upper back area consists of the number of joints and muscles that work together with other body parts to support your body. The interconnection of joints and muscles means that when your upper back is affected, your shoulders and neck could be affected also.

Pain in this area is usually a result of poor posture or injury. Improper lifting methods will also result in damage and pain in the area. The 7 steps outlined below point out ways you can relieve the pain in your upper back.

Ice or Heat Packs
Apply an ice pack to the area soon after you’re injured to help numb the pain. Ice packs can be applied up to 48 hours after the initial injury. Once that time has passed, the next step is to apply heat. Moist heat in the form of hot water showers, heat packs or hot water bottles are the best solutions. Take the heat therapy for periods of no more than 20 minutes. Heat will loosen the muscles so that they can then be carefully stretched out to bring relief.

Swedish and deep tissue massages are valuable forms of therapy to relieve back pain. A Swedish massage will loosen the muscles and relieves knots formed as a result of injury or tension. A deep tissue massage will exert more pressure in the area to relieve tightness in the muscle and remove toxins from the body. Massages also promote circulation, which is good because the more oxygen, blood and nutrients that your muscles receive the better they’ll function.

Stress Reduction
Don’t underestimate the effect of stress on the muscles in your back and neck. Stress can cause knots and tightness in your muscles which can cause pain in the constricted areas. Find ways to reduce stress such as meditation, yoga, listening to soothing muscle, aromatherapy, or exercise. If your back pain is caused by stress, relaxation techniques will provide much needed relief.

Time Out
People who sit for long hours at the computer might experience back pain. Hunching over the computer for hours on end will not only affect your posture but also create muscle tightness in the back. When other office tasks, like answering the phone and cradling it between your shoulders and neck, are added to the mix the pain will extend to neck and shoulders. Lifting heavy objects the wrong way can also lead to back pain. The solutions here are quite simple. Take time out from your workday to stretch your muscles, and lift heavy objects with your legs and not your back.

Change Your Furniture
When poorly designed furniture is the cause of your back pain, the solution is simple. Get new furniture and throw out the old one. Posturepedic mattresses and chairs will help to relieve your pain. Request new chairs at the office which will help relieve your pain and increase your productivity.

Claire is a physio therapist by profession and a part time blogger. In her free time she loves to write on health and fitness topics. She had recently helped a sports person with her Upper back pain problem.

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