5 Ways to Share your BlackBerry PlayBook

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Christmas 2012 was all about the giving and receiving of tablets as presents, which means that if you didn’t already own one, you probably do now. Intelligent devices like the BlackBerry PlayBook are made for sharing – wherever you are. There’s no point in owning a piece of kit like this if you keep all its power and fun to yourself!  Here are just five of the ways you can share the love.

Working Together

BlackBerry devices have always been clever business tools, so it’s only natural that the latest BlackBerry PlayBook comes primed for collaborative working. With easy enterprise integration and an app store full of programs designed specifically for business users, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince your company’s IT department that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the way forward. Pre-loaded Documents to Go means you will be able to share business documents, presentations and spreadsheets on the fly via the cloud. Download Adobe’s Connect app and get video-conferencing with a multimedia twist: live chat accompanied by the sharing of documents between participants in real time.


The Verge’s BlackBerry PlayBook review highlighted the functionality of BlackBerry Bridge that allows for simple and ultra-fast data sharing between BlackBerry devices. This simple app means your BlackBerry smartphone can now act as a cool remote control for your BlackBerry PlayBook.  And since RIM has always taken security seriously, BlackBerry Bridge also benefits from CIA-grade FIPS 140-2 security certification – essential if you’re sharing confidential client details or accessing password protected accounts via Bluetooth.

Be Social

It’s impossible to talk about ‘sharing’ without mentioning the latest new media tools: social networking sites.  These are increasingly soaking up a good amount of our spare time and the latest trend is towards aggregating various feeds from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest into much more manageable user interfaces. RIM already has a solution for easier ‘sharing’ via its native Messages app that integrates Twitter and Facebook with your personal emails – view and comment on pictures of cats to your heart’s content!

Movie Moments

So, you want to distract the kids. Long family trip? Dinner out, but everyone’s tired? Bored at home, but they’re still jumping around? BlackBerry PlayBook to the rescue! Stream movies or music wherever you are. Perfectly sized to slip inside hand luggage or backpacks, behind car seats, or propped up on the table at restaurant, the BlackBerry PlayBook’s 7-inch screen, while compact, is large enough to keep you children captivated – a luxury parents are beginning to wonder how they ever did without.

Bored Games

BlackBerry PlayBook reviews note that – with recent versions of BlackBerry OS – RIM has increasingly made serious attempts to bring mainstream mobile games to the BlackBerry ecosystem. Hits like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are now available for BlackBerry PlayBook and more single and multiplayer games look set to be released for the platform this year, which means that you can kill any other spare time you might have by challenging and competing at games with friends. After all, you’ve heard what they say; it’s never a good idea to get caught playing alone!

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