5 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Stylish Area

Your bathroom is the place that you will go to when you want to freshen up and feel your greatest, to make you feel as good as possible your bathroom should promote good hygiene and a nice relaxing environment, this will ensure that you leave the bathroom feeling great. It is very easy to fall behind with your bathroom style as it is usually the room which is forgotten about during the decorating season. Follow these five steps to turn your bathroom into a stylish sleek area.

Step One

The colours which you use to decorate your bathroom will have a huge impact on how you feel about your bathroom overall. You have a lot more choice and variety when it comes to decorating your bathroom, as almost any colour is suitable. If you want to keep up with a modern sleek room, then you should choose more neutral colours. Browns, creams and whites work wonderful in the bathroom. If you wanted something a little more vibrant, you can choose bright blues or even a deep green.

Step Two

It is easy enough to make the mistake of not staying consistent with your colour scheme in the bathroom. To keep things looking stylish and modern, you should choose matching accessories to stay in line with the colour scheme.

Step Three

You should accessorise your bathroom well so that you have everything you need to hand. You should choose a matching shower curtain, bath mat and towels. You can really set the theme off in your bathroom by adding extra decoration. You can do this by adding extra little touches around the bathroom such as scented candles, or matching wall tiles. The little things which you add to your bathroom will make the biggest of differences.

Step Four

The last thing you want when someone comes into your home is seeing all your private belongings on show. To make sure this doesn’t happen you should have sufficient storage space. You can get either a built in cupboard or a stylish mirroredcabinet, this will provide you with the perfect place to hide all your belongings.

Step Five

To really get that stylish sophisticated look in your home, you should get some great little finishing touches. Go out and buy some brand new shiny taps for your sink and bath and get plenty of mirrors to hang from the walls, not only will this create an up to date stylish look, but it will also make the room look much bigger.

Hayley is an interior designer and loves the stylish mirrored cabinets she brought for her bathroom. She gets all her home interiors from http://www.primroseandplum.co.uk

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