5 Web Design Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate

It’s often difficult to design a website for both style and conversion rate, as the two goals often require different skills. Listed below are five simple tips for boosting your conversion rate on any website. The most important skill, however, is the ability to test different variations of your website to see which increases conversions – a method often called split-testing.

1. Make Your Headline Stand Out
The headline has been consistently proved to be the most important factor in any form of advertising. As Drew Whitman points out in his book Cashvertising, the majority of readers won’t read any of the body copy. If you don’t grab their attention immediately with an interesting headline they’ll probably leave forever. Despite this, many website owners have headlines that are the same size and color as the rest of the site’s body copy. Others leave the headline out altogether. You don’t have to put your headline in bright red with a size of 8Dpt, but the more it stands out from the rest of your site the better.

2. Create an Eye Catching Call to Action
Aside from the headline, the call to action (where you ask the user to complete an action such as buy, click or signup) is probably the next most important factor. Your users should never have to hunt for a call to action – it should be where they expect it to be. It should also only appear when the user is ready to convert. Don’t place it at the top of the page and expect users to scroll back up after reading your body copy.

To make your call to action stand out from a web design point of view, you may want to use a button or image. Simple text can work well, but is often less effective than an image.

3. Use Interesting Imagery
No one likes to look at boring or bland web pages, so try to use interesting and relevant imagery on your sales page. You should also use a caption beneath each image, as readers have been shown to read these almost as much as headlines. The only time you should avoid using images is if your sales page needs to be optimized for mobile devices. If this is the case, consider using two separate versions.

4. Design for Clarity, Not Style
As a web designer, it’s easy to get carried away and forget the true purpose of your website. While designers want to show off their designing prowess, users just want to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. If your design becomes too cluttered this is very hard for the user to do. This can put people off buying, even if they think the site looks great.

5. Display Social Proof
Do you have a Facebook page? Display the number of fans you have prominently on the sales page. People often form opinions based on what they see other people doing so social proof can have a positive effect on sales. Even displaying logos of media sites your company has been featured can help with conversion rates.

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This is a guest post by Ludwing Hernandez a Father of two kids and internet entreprenuer. Chat with ludwing @ Zinzz.com.

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