5 Worst Driving Habits to Check Out

It is common to develop certain bad driving habits, but some drivers take it as their pride. In reality, there are some worst driving habits that lead to fatal accidents and cause irreparable damage to both themselves and others. Here are those five worst driving habits described by the Chevrolet dealer Houghton Lake experts that needs to be immediately controlled.

  1. Using Your Cell Phone While Driving: We all know the temptation and curiosity that arise when the cell starts ringing. But it is always better to resist that urge to answer immediately. Talking on the cell phone while driving is distracting, which is dangerous putting the your own and other’s life at risk. If that is so necessary, you can always delay for a couple of minutes puling your car aside and finish the conversation.
  1. Reckless Speeding: Doing this once in a while is fine, when the roads are empty and there is no speed restriction displayed along the way. But doing the same in a crowded road, when there are numerous pedestrians around, or when you are passing through a school or hospital zone, is equivalent to a criminal offence, and in many places, it is considered as one. Driving above the instructed speed limit leads to gruesome accidents, damaging life beyond repair. If this is just a driving habit, it needs immediate rectification, which would prove if you value life enough.
  1. Tailgating and Road Rage: Tailgating is one of the most disgusting driving habits that is dangerous for both the parties involved. The driver in front gets annoyed if the car behind won’t stay off enough from their bumper, and the driver at the back too is frustrated that there is no way to go any faster. Keeping a safe following distance is required for the safety of all. If you are passing a car by overtaking, or squeeze in between two cars, it might end up in slamming into one of the cars that is ahead of you. That won’t lead you anywhere. So, better change this driving habit right away.
  1. Ignoring Traffic Signs and Rules: Safe driving requires disciplined and a careful attitude towards driving. Following every driving rule meticulously will ensure a big step towards making every ride safe and sound. Among these rules there would be some visible on the road signs, and the others should be given by the drivers while making every different move. If all the drivers follow the thumb rule of letting others know, when they are planning to take a turn, want to slow down, or going to pull aside, the chances of misunderstanding, miscommunication would reduce. All this would eradicate the reasons behind a collision and automatically ensure safety to a great extent.
  1. Forgetting the Blind Spots: At the Chevrolet Houghton Lake dealership, we were taught that blind spots are naturally dangerous, but leaving them unchecked while changing lanes, taking turns or especially parking is even more dangerous. Drivers have a tendency not to look at these points and start moving in a different direction increase the chances of colliding either with other cars, with pedestrians or with any object that is on their way. Using the rear-view mirrors or installing a blind-spot monitoring feature in the car can help reduce the dangers.

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