6 Positive Things We Can Learn From Celebrities About Overcoming Addictions

Most of us don’t view celebrities as appropriate role models. They have their priorities all wrong. They typically don’t have successful marriages. Their lives usually include some sort of drug and/or alcohol abuse. They don’t have the same values as many of us. While celebrities have been able to find great professional success, we usually don’t look to them for role models in the personal arena.

But there are some celebrities that have given us positive examples when it comes to addiction recovery. Many of these celebrities have been able to work through their addictions and become great examples to us about how we can all overcome our drug or alcohol addictions.

Here are 6 positive things that we can learn from celebrities about addiction recovery:

1. We can overcome difficult times in our lives.

Many celebrities’ addictions began as results of negative things that happened to them in their lives. Many of them had parents or other family members that also struggled with drug and alcohol addictions. Some of them, like Robert Downey Jr, were given their first tastes of drugs or alcohol by their parents or other family members. Some celebrities, like Russell Brand, began their roads towards their addictions as a result of abuse or neglect in their homes. While these celebrities were very negatively affected by these difficult experiences in their lives, they were able to work through those and overcome their addictions.

2. Anyone can find recovery from their addictions.

We’ve heard some pretty crazy stories about the insane things that some celebrities have done while under the influence. Take Bob Forrest, the lead singer of the band Thelonious Monster in the 90’s as an example. While struggling with an addiction to heroin, he had numerous instances of public intoxication, as well as setting a stage on fire, threatening to kill himself during a show, and even threatening the President.

And he is definitely not the only celebrity who has done crazy things while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But Bob, like many other celebrities who have battled addictions, has been able to find roads towards full recovery. If they can overcome their addictions, with their crazy actions and lifestyles, then anyone can.

3. You can find success even after numerous attempts.

Many celebrities, like Bob Forrest and Robert Downey, Jr, had numerous stints in jail and in rehab centers before they were finally able to achieve sobriety. Bob Forrest even claims that he went through rehab 50 times before he was finally successful. But he is now working on over 16 years of sobriety. We can learn from these celebrities that we shouldn’t give up. No matter how many times we think we’ve tried and failed, it is never too late to work towards and find the recovery we want.

4. Treatment centers can help.

When you read the celebrity recovery stories, most of them include finding help through an addiction treatment center. Even if it took them numerous attempts, almost all of the successful celebrities attribute at least some of their successful recovery towards an addiction treatment center. For example, Robert Downey, Jr attributes his recovery to “family, therapy, twelve-step programs, yoga, and Kung Fu.” His example also shows that other approaches, such as relaxation techniques (yoga), and exercise (Kung Fu), paired with professional treatment, can also prove very beneficial in helping a person to work towards recovery.

5. Family can be very important in helping an individual to overcome.

As you see in the quote above, Robert Downey Jr credits his family as one of the necessary things that he needed for his recovery. Many other celebrities were also able to find recovery as a result of their family’s support or actions. Melanie Griffith has said that her daughters “truly saved her life through a family intervention.” Betty Ford, former First Lady, also had her road to recovery set into motion because of a family intervention. Families can be a very beneficial and critical part of a person’s road towards recovery.

6. You can use your trials for good.

Let’s again take a look at Betty Ford. She was the wife of President Gerald Ford, and she struggled with alcohol and opioid addictions for many years. After finding sobriety in 1978, she moved on to become a great example and heroine for those struggling with addictions. In 1982, she founded the Betty Ford Center, a treatment center for chemical dependencies. Many other celebrities, including Bob Forrest, have also used their experiences to help others, becoming advocates, counselors, and mentors for those struggling with addictions.

We are able to see from the examples of these celebrities that we can use our trials for good. If we are able to work to overcome our addictions, we can turn around and use our experiences to help others.

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