6 Surprising Home Office Ideas

If you think that you need a lot of space for your office corner, well you’re wrong. You set up a space on your own and arrange and decorate it any way you want. It’s not that hard and it can turn out to be very interesting and creative. If you’re working from home, you have the luxury of setting up your own personal space and making it comfortable for you.

6 Surprising Home Office Ideas

The right spot

First of all, you should pick the best available spot at your house. A place by the window is always a good solution. You can put your desk in front of it and get a bit of a sunshine and fresh air. If you have enough room to put a bookcase there, even better. It can be very inspiring and calming. An empty corner? It can easily be filled with your working desk, a chair and a few shelves for your books, pictures and anything else you need. You need to find a place that makes you feel comfortable to work and not to feel pressured and uneasy.

The shelves

If you don’t like traditional and simple bookshelves, you can redecorate them on your own. Anything can help you, from old pipes to wooden baskets. Decorating is optional, but you can easily put up small or large flowers, pictures of friends and family or anything else that can make your workspace comfier.

6 Surprising Home Office Ideas

The style

Having a vintage spot or corner at your home is considered trendy at the moment. 60’s and 70’s are full of groovy furniture that can look amazing. Those red chairs with small wheels and wooden or plastic desks add a nice retro vibe to your work corner. Or, if you like more color, why not? More colors can give the space more personality and give it a more dynamic vibe. Floral designs are also great and they look amazing with more formal styles or plain natural ones like a wooden table and a chair.

Another brick in the wall

Just imagine, while working, you can look at your favorite painting or photo by your favorite artist. Putting a mirror in front of you can also be a good idea, or putting up motivational quotes. Computer is just in front of you and whenever you are feeling tired or bored you can just glance away and look at something beautiful and inspiring. You can pick up a simple copper, wooden or plastic wall clock from a wide range of clocks online which will perfectly fit into your corner. Also, don’t be afraid to try out different colors like navy blue or something stronger and to turn on your table lamp so the color can really pop.

6 Surprising Home Office Ideas


You want your working hours to be productive and at the same time stress-free. Make your workspace as relaxing as you can. Put on some music, it can be simple and instrumental or by your favorite artist so it doesn’t affect your concentration. Light up a scented candle or a stick, put on a jazz record and enjoy. Working doesn’t have to be dull and boring you just have to make it feel right.

Go outside!

If you have a garden, you can make set up your office even there! Just imagine, sitting outside next to a tree or your little flower patch and breathing in the fresh air, with the sun shining while you are working on your laptop. You need a table, a chair and the right spot at your backyard and you are good to go!

After finishing your work and helping with the kids, you can just go to the next room and lie down on your bed. There is no need to drive a car or go to work. You can do everything at home, you just have to make it cozy and work-friendly so that everything can be done on time.

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