6 Tips Everyone Should Know When Cleaning Out A Shed

This past weekend was the weekend to clean out the shed.  After years of moving rakes, shovels, grass seed, bikes, lawnmowers, snow blowers and bat guano in and out of it, the time finally came to go at it and give it a good washing.

While you are looking out your window and mentally preparing yourself to take on this task you believe that it will take you a couple of hours to do.  You think to yourself that your shed is only fifteen square feet so it cannot take that long.

But once you finally wheel everything out and you realize you are only a third of the way done and already an hour and a half into it you realize this just turned into an all-day project.

The Backbreaking Steps

Loosely, here are the steps I took to turn my shed into museum worthy material.  I say loosely because Ii remember the frustration much more than the steps so you might find a better way to do it.

1)      Mentally prepare yourself.  This is huge.

2)      Take out all of the things that populate your shed.  And by everything I mean just everything off of the floor.  If you plan on dusting the walls and ceiling of your shed then you are a better man than me.  I do not know anyone who has taken a duster to their shed but there is a first time for everything.

3)      If you notice any big chunks of dust or dirt on the items you just took out of your shed you should clean those off because you do not want the dirtiness going back into your shed.  When you wheel everything back in the dirt and dust are going to fall all over the floor you just swept clean.

4)      If there is anything on the wall that has been collecting dust then you should take that off and take a rag to it.  One thing to keep in mind is that once dust starts to collect, it collects at an accelerated rate.  Dust collects dust since there is more area for the dust in the air to collect on.

5)      Sweep out the floor of your shed.  Be sure to pull all the dirt from the edges and corners of the floor into the middle of the floor.  That is the correct way to sweep.  Then put all of it into a dust pan and throw it right out the front door where it came in.

6)      The last order of business is to put everything back into your shed.  But make sure there is a purpose for putting everything back.  Do not throw things all over the place just because you want to be done.  When you try to get the snow blower out but everything is in front of it, that defeats the purpose of cleaning out your shed.

You will see what a backbreaking exercise really is when you clean out your shed.  While you’re doing it just try not to think how it is a completely voluntary activity or else you will never get it done.

By Brian Connor

Brian Connor has written for many home improvement and home restoration blogs.  He wants to prepare people to fully comprehend how to do things around their homes.  You can get other ideas at http://restorationpitt.com.

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