6 Tips For Your Roadtrip Adventure

It’s the first month of the year and already you feel like you need to blow off some steam! What better way than to blow off some steam by jumping into your car with a bunch of friends, on an adventure. I’m talking about a road trip of course. Road trips are a great way of forgetting about work and just having fun, creating new memories, relaxing and exploring new and hidden places.

Here are six essential tips for your road trip adventure, be sure to check them off:

Great Friends

What’s a great adventure without friends! Grab your friends and decide what everyone can bring along. Remember to take all the essentials such as cameras, videos and important apps like foursquare or any other info related software. FoodSpotter Apps are also a great way to find great eating locations in towns.

Plan the destination, not the route

Road trips are supposed to be on the fly and without any kind of solid plan. Pick a destination and  wing it!

Stop at all the little small towns

Stop and explore the little towns you normally race through. You’ll be surprised at the local flavour and amazing shops you’ll find. Each town has their own uniqueness about them and you’ll find something new and interesting at every stop. Go into shops you never thought of exploring and who knows what you’ll find or what new interest you’ll experience.

Visit attractions and events

Seen those billboards on the road with the ads and hundreds of exclamations, well, why don’t you try listening to them for a change?! I’ve driven past a Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge billboard for days which promises a lot of adventure and luxury but I never turn in because I always have a set plan. Since you’re on a road trip you have no excuse not to try all the events and attractions along the road. Be a kid again, buy a circus ticket if you see the billboards up on the streets as you drive by on your road trip and why not do all the things you’ve wanted but was always too pressed for time.

Ripping Soundtrack

Finally and most importantly you need a ripping soundtrack for the road, nothing sets the mood like an awesome playlist rocking on your speakers. Get together with your friends and let everyone throw their favourite songs together for the road.

We hope you have a memorable road trip and that you buckle up and drive safe! Arrive Alive!

Patrick Jones enjoys spontaneously jumping into his car and taking to the road. If you ever need new places to explore in South Africa, he suggests you try out Sabi Sabi Lodge, the floating bar and Efdeling!

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