6 Ways To Protect Your Home This Winter

During winter, the pipework in your home may come under threat from freezing temperatures – particularly during night-time.If the water in those pipes should freeze solid, then you’ll have a considerable problem the next time you turn the tap on. The blockage will cause a build-up of pressure, which will eventually lead to a burst pipe.Naturally, this is something you’ll want to avoid – as it’s an especially expensive and difficult fix. By cladding your pipework in insulating material, you’ll be able to stave off the possibility of freezing.You can do this via foam sleeving, which you’ll find available from any reputable plumber merchant in North Wales.

6 Ways To Protect Your Home This Winter

Roof replacement

During the winter, your roof will come under pressure from precipitation. For sloped roofs, this is rarely a problem. For flat roofs, which are found on thousands of garages and sheds in north wales, it’s more so. When rainwater collects on a flat roof, it might pool in the slight imperfections of the roof’s surface. Over time, the weight of the rainwater will force the lower parts of the roof downward, which in turn will allow more rainwater to collect there. The eventual result of this is an expensive burst rooftop. This problem might get more severe if the roof in question is out of sight, as many flat roofs are.

When a roof becomes too uneven, it’s wise to get it replaced or repaired before it springs a leak. Doing so will prevent further costly damage to the underlying supporting structure of the roof, which is often made from wood.

Clean guttering

One thing that’s likely to contribute to standing water on a roof is a lack of drainage.During autumn, fallen leaves will collect in guttering, thereby preventing rainwater from draining away. In order to protect your roof, it’s vital that your guttering be cleaned. It’s a job that might take around an hour, but which will preserve the function of your flat roof long into the future.

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