6 Ways To Protect Your Staff At Work

You’re a successful and caring manager of your firm (or company) and you desperately want to ensure the safety of all your staff members. Not only do you and your team suffer emotionally when someone is seriously injured, but you also lose money and the necessary expertise your staff member had. That’s why you need to protect your team and your assets.

We made a list of important safety products you need in your company, obviously these will vary from company to company. Below are general items you’ll need to ensure maximum safety of your staff at work.

1.Matting and Anti-Slip
With great inventions such as the safety matting and anti-fatigue matting, you’ll be able to protect your staff from slippery floors and decrease fatigue with comfortable mats to stand on.

2.First Aid and Fire protection
Accidents happen in the company and since you cannot always prevent them, you need measures to ensure that you can deal with the situation. That’s why first aid kits and fire extinguisher stations are crucial in any company, so that your staff can react to dangerous situations. Train your staff to use all of the first aid kit products to its full effect. The training might just save someone’s life.

3.Barrier System
If an area is off limits due to safety issues it is essential to erect safety barriers. With the latest safety barriers you’ll be able to ensure the safety of your staff while blocking access to dangerous locations on or offsite. Examples of barrier systems are Rotating lights, folding barriers, traffic cones, web fencing and warning tapes.

4.Spill Containers
If your company consists of moving dangerous and toxic chemicals you need to have spill containers close to ensure you are ready for any spills or leaks at work. Some spill containers have absorbent materials in them which soak up the spill, where others have a suction function which preserves the spill and puts it back in a container so that it can be moved safely offsite. Spill stations also need tongs, bins, disposable bags and lifters to help with removing any other obstacles when a spill occurs.

5.Fall Arrest
If you’re team is working from great heights it’s essential that you get the right gear for the job. Fall Arrest safety gear ensures that if one of your members might slip they will be caught. Protection on each fall arrest varies since some have double safety features acting as backups if the first safety feature fails.

Industrial safety is important to Sam (the safety nut), that’s why he’s made it his mission in life to inform companies and managers of the importance of safety footwear, eyewear, head gear and anything else that will protect your team.

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