7 Different Ways To Give Gifts!

When it comes to personalized gifts, it helps to put a lot of consideration into what makes your loved one happy. Try to put yourself in their shoes, and choose a gift for not just a woman / man / child their age, but for the individual you have in mind.

Personalized Jewelry: Some people like to give monogrammed items, like an Initial pendant on a chain. If your loved one is Mary or Mark makes no difference, this gift is fashionable jewelry that will be universally worn, especially if your sweetie likes wearing an open collar. They will see it every day and will often think kind thoughts about you. The same holds true for other jewelry items, like a classy “Laverne” style pin. Other personalized jewelry choices can include a birthstone pendant for the month they were born. Many will appreciate this type of personalized gift.

Sports/Hobby Specific Merchandize: I have a friend in his late thirties who is a big fan of the teleseries “friends”. On his 40th birthday we decided to do something big for him. So, we threw him a FRIENDS theme party. We bought all the friends merchandize we could lay our hands on and created streamers from heads of all the lead actors, and each of us dressed up in each of the character’s style. We all went home with one friends mug each on which each one had signed out initials and a sweet remembrance message.
Similarly, if your friend/relative is a sports’ fan, it’s fun to have a personalized jersey or athletic suit made with his last name or nickname emblazed with his name on the shoulder. Try to make it clear that you know what he or she likes best. Go – Team – Go!!!

Using Favorite Items/Colors or Pictures of Favorite Pets: Other personalized items can take into consideration the person’s preferences, like a color or favorite animal. Having the pictures of the house pet or a grandchild embossed on the shirt/sweatshirt made would really delight them because you have their interests in mind.

Gifts That Bring Back Good Memories: Clothing and other personal items have the ability to bring back warm memories of a special occasion shared together. Perhaps the two of you were snowed in one weekend at Lake Tahoe and couldn’t return to school on Monday. Something like a personalized license plate or scenic poster may be good ideas for a personalized gift from you.

If you and your partner shared a romantic weekend in Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon, anything as simple as a coffee cup or beach towel with a scenic motif can play on the heart strings of the one you love. It’s nice when the emotions are something intimate and not commonly known.

Remembering Their Smallest Preferences: Scents also ring a bell in the memory department. Perhaps you and a friend used to eat hot cinnamon buns fresh from the oven after an early morning college lecture. Treating her to a box of cinnamon buns or taking her out to a bistro cafe where these items are a specialty is a thoughtful way of showing that you care and treasure her friendship.

Do-It-Yourself Gifts: If you really care for someone, nothing tells it better than a handmade gift. This works well for those who don’t have a decent sum to spend on a nice gift. One of the simplest DIY personalized gift is a video of yourself doing something funny or featuring things that the receiver of the gift loves. Other such handmade personalized gift would be to make a picture-frame of broken china/tiles to make the borders and a cute little pic inserted inside it. The picture should preferably be funny or one that evokes nostalgia.

If the receiver of the gift is a little girl, you could probably sew or put together a nice ensemble for her dolls. For your grandfather who loves to write things down in order to be able to remember them, you could create a personalized notepad. Just get some good sheets of preferred size and punch a hole at top left corner and string the sheets through and then print (draw) a simple design in vibrant colors. When I was ten, my elder sister made me a rainbow theme letter pad and I have it with me to this day.

Pamper Them With Experience Based Gifts: If you have a lot of cash to fork out for your gift, you can go for experience based gifts. Does your girlfriend like a luxuriant spa massage? Does your aunt have a thing for a personalized horoscope reading or a psychic reading? Does your teenaged grandson wish to attend his favorite band’s concert, but can’t afford that in his modest pocket-money? You can just find out or brainstorm about what the other person needs and surprise them with exactly what they had wanted all along.

The most important aspect of any personalized gift idea is to put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving it. What gift can you give them to show that you truly care? What can remind them of the happy moments you shared together? Gifts that call these pillars of friendship to mind help cement your friendship as one that will stand the test of time. It also helps to give a sense of both perspective and appreciation to both the person giving and receiving the gift.

When it comes to gift giving, the price is usually not important. It should always be at a cost that the giver can afford without straining their budget. Most important of all, it needs to be an appropriate gift that strengthens the friendship and has the ability to reach the heart of the beloved receiver.

Be creative and go the extra mile so that your loved one or family member will feel that you put some thought into both the gift and its presentation. When her boyfriend arranged to „borrow“ the arm of a mannequin, he made a personalized engagement ring in the style that he knew she would love. Packing it into an extra large box, she was extremely surprised to uncover a mannequin arm wearing her personalized engagement ring.

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