7 Essential Rules For Looking After Your Dog In The Summer

Dogs are descended from wild animals, so regular meal times are a relatively new thing for the species. Offering water three or six times a day isn’t enough when it gets really hot. Leave the bowl out and take a bottle and plastic bags with you on walks. It’s easy to roll down the edges and make a bowl, and there’s no need to buy an expensive portable device.

1. Provide Frequent Opportunities to Drink Fresh Water

7 Essential Rules For Looking After Your Dog In The Summer
2. Never Leave a Dog in a Car

It goes without saying, but people still do it. Even if you’re just popping into the pharmacy, take your dog out and leave him tied securely in a shady place nearby. A two-minute trip can easily become a five-minute wait, and you won’t notice – but your dog will.

3. Walks in the Morning and Evening Only

Mad dogs and Englishmen – think how your dog would behave if she decided when to run about and chase sticks. Sunstroke and heat exhaustion can occur regardless of how much water she’s drunk.

4. Get a Haircut

It’s crucial to clip long-haired dogs in the summer, but equally important that the skin isn’t left exposed to the sun. You can find dog grooming in Cheltenham with companies such as http://www.blossoms-pet-care.co.uk, who know the right cut for your dog for every season.

5. Seek the Shade

You might have a peaked hat on but your dog doesn’t and having to close his eyes as he walks is stressful – as you can imagine.

6. Find a River or Lake for Your Dog to Cool Off In

It might feel freezing to you, but if your dog wants to go in, she will. Find a spot where a shallow beach meets the water for your dog to get in and out easily, and remember she might want to go in and out several times before going home.

7. Do the Palm Test

If it’s uncomfortable to hold your hand to the pavement for five seconds, it’s uncomfortable for your dog to walk on. Plenty of people argue that dogs in hot countries walk on hot roads, but if you’ve been to India you’ll know that the dogs seek the shade, and they stay there too for most of the day.

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