7 IPhone Apps To Help You Manage Your Cash Flow.

Keeping tabs on your personal finances is easier than ever if you have an iPhone, because there are many apps that are designed to help streamline the management of your cash flow. Here are just seven of the best programs available at the moment.

UK Salary Calculator.
A salary can be a misleading amount, because it generally will not take into account all of the various deductions to which it will be subjected before you end up with the sum that is yours to spend. This app lets you work out what you will be left with after tax, loan payments, pension contributions and other commitments, which is a useful feature if you are playing the job market for a new position.

This free app is perfect for people who need to manage their business expenses without the usual annoyances. You can use your smartphone to capture pictures of the receipts you accrue and then send these off in a single file so that the accounts department can reimburse you for any expenditure you have made in the line of duty.

Account Tracker.
If you have multiple bank accounts that you find tough to manage, this app will let you do so from one place, using an uncomplicated interface. It is also a great way of getting a quick overview of your current financial status, because it uses a colour coded indication method to indicate when you are flush and warn when funds are tight. Like other apps in the list, it also integrates useful alerts to keep you in the loop about account activity so that you do not get caught out.

Money Lover.
This is an all in one budgeting app that gives you the power to track your income and outgoings over long periods. You can plan ahead so that there are no nasty surprises and also take advantage of the fact that the app is compatible with most major currencies.

Savings Goals.
Saving money can be tough task for some of us, but with this scheduling app, you can set your target amount and then work out how often you will need to save and how much to put aside so that you meet your goals.

This is an advanced app that is designed to help you pay bills and carry out other financial transactions from your iPhone. It is not only convenient, but also well stocked with useful features, allowing you to receive alerts when a bill is due and even use it to manage your portfolio of stocks and shares, if you happen to possess one.

Bill Assistant.
If you fail to pay a bill on time you could end up being lumbered with a charge or another penalty. Bill Assistant is an app that helps you avoid these by letting you enter the various payment deadlines for your financial obligations and it will then notify you of impending dues, as well as cataloguing your payment history for future reference.

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