7 More Ways To Keep Your Home Cosy This Winter

With the cold weather firmly upon us, now is the time to do all you can to keep your home as warm as possible this winter. Here’s what you can do to combat the cold and make your home cozy.

7 More Ways To Keep Your Home Cosy This Winter

Draught excluders

Draughts always find a way of getting underneath doors, so buying or making a draught excluder is definitely beneficial. You don’t have to have an old-fashioned one like your grandparents might have had. Instead, you can buy modern designs or even make one yourself with a pair of tights stuffed with socks.

Clear radiators

If you have a large piece of furniture by the radiator, it will be absorbing the heat, which could be keeping your room from getting warm. Move any settees or chairs away to allow the warm air to circulate.

7 More Ways To Keep Your Home Cosy This Winter


By placing a shelf above – but never directly on top of – a radiator, you can help to channel the heat around the room. This is a particularly useful trick if you have high ceilings where heat can be lost. Double glazing is also one of the most effective ways to trap heat and prevent the cold from coming in. For double glazing in Evesham, it’s worth looking into local firms; for example, Firmfix offer double glazing in Evesham.

Close doors

If you’ve got a heat source switched on, the heat will travel anywhere that the doors are left open. If you have rooms that aren’t used very often, it’s worth closing the doors to allow the heat to travel to the areas that you actually need to heat.

Set heating timers

Set heating timers to keep your home warm when you need it the most rather than just turning your thermostat up and down. The cold weather can pose a serious risk, so do what you can to stay warm.

Cover floorboards

Wood floors look great but can be one of the causes of heat loss. They must be insulated, so any gaps in the boards should be filled. Alternatively, adding a large rug to space will help to conserve heat well.

Install insulation

A loft space can get extremely cold when not insulated properly. It may seem like a big job, but you can insulate your loft yourself at a fraction of the cost of foam insulation.