7 Reasons You Should Adopt Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Myriad of dog breeds are there that can be apt for you. It is not about dogs only; it is about their breed too. You can find different dogs having different breeds, and of course, every breed has a different set of characteristics. You can explore dogs and their distinct habits on the basis of their breed. After all, it is all about the breed of your dog, its compatibility with your family and lifestyle and of course the general nature of that dog breeds.

When you already are thinking about having a dog at home, it is high time that you go ahead and pick a breed that is perfect for you. Have you ever thought about Staffordshire bull terrier? Come on, these are quite popular and people love them. Of course, you might have heard ill about them but they aren’t that bad. It is time to have your own experience with them than to judge them on the basis of somebody else’s experience.  Of course this breed is energetic, rugged, and impulsive. You would be surprised to know that the moto of such a breed is like why to walk when you can actually run!  The breed demands rigorous exercise as a vent for his energy and to upkeep his grand muscle tone.

7 Reasons You Should Adopt Staffordshire Bull Terrier

It might also interest you that these people-oriented Stafford keens for companionship and wishes to be with you all the time. With exact and proper socialization, he is friendly and welcoming with everyone, yet makes for a sensible watchdog.

  1. Peaceful to live with: It is a fact that most of the Staffordshire are going to live peacefully with both dogs and cats in their own family. But it is true too that many Stafford’s are more than keen to fight if they are challenged.   So, if you are planning to bring a Staffordshire into your multi-pet household, you should honestly assess your other pets. In case you already have a dominant dog at home then a Stafford might not be a good choice for you. Staffords must be closely supervised around the strange dogs – you have to make sure the other dogs are not giving any challenge to yours. Anyhow, whatever be the case, if you are alert and taking the needed measures, this breed is good for you… and maybe you don’t have multiple pets at home right? In that case too it would be of any issue at all.
  1. Can be trained: If you have a thought about owning mini bull terrier puppies then it is okay. Of course, there are families that possess this breed and that too with ease and comfort.  The breed is quite stubborn and sometimes headstrong, but Staffordshire is keen to test for position in the pecking order of the family.  Make sure that you are giving them training. Confident leadership and compliance training are musts. This breed can be trained if you know how to do that. After all, your dog is within your hands and you can either help it grow into a better being or simply mar its path.
  1. Powerful Jaws: No matter what it has in front of it, your dog can chew it off if it is a Staffordshire.   You should provide the chew toys you can find to keep his powerful jaws busy and as a substitute to furniture.  There are plenty of toys out there that can be kept in front of him to play with. Of course if you think that people complain that the breed chews off everything then it is quite right. But if you give them the needed things or toys to chew; they might not get on your nerves in any way ever.
  1. A confident dog: It is apparently true that the breed is a stable, very confident dog. He needs supervision and control from the owner who can match his smartness and intelligence. So, the point is that if you think that you are smart enough and intelligent then this breed should be in your house. Come on, you can match his intelligence for sure.
  1. Always up for energetic deeds: Staffordshire are active go-getters and they need regular chance to vent their energy and do interesting and enchanting things. If not given such types of opportunities, they can become rowdy and bored.  This is an emotion or mood that they usually express through barking and unhelpful chewing.  After all don’t forget that these Staffords have powerful jaws and they can easily make a muddles of both your house and yard.
  1. Good looking: Staffordshire has a sleek easy-groom coat and it comes in different shades. At fourteen to sixteen inches, the breed does not stand specifically tall. but they weigh anywhere between twenty four to thirty eight pounds.  Their tight fitting coats make them look really good and smart. Of course these give a tough look and they do are tough; but that does not mean their coat is ugly or unattractive.
  1. They give you a strong feeling: Since the breed represents the dogs that have strong personality and somewhat strong mind; if you own them; you too might have a feeling of extensive pride. Of course, if you are not taking care of your Staffordshire bull then you might be doing harm to it and the people coming in contact with it. But if you train them properly they would never become a nuisance for anybody. It would be a beautiful experience for everybody living with this breed. You are going to get that firm and robust feeling once you have this breed at home. You can start giving them training at an early age so that they never get out of control. Once you have made them understand that too in a loving manner that who is the boss; they might not get aggressive later on.

So, you can look out for Staffordshire bull terrier puppies for adoption. The breed is not that good as you might have been told about.  They love if you have the right way of grooming them.

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