7 Roads Towards A Modern Commercial Office

Interior design becomes somewhat of a science within a commercial setting. Not only does it have to look good and professional, the correct use of space and keeping everything within the budget is going to be challenging.

To make things worse, expectations never stop changing. In other words, businesses have to adapt on a consistent basis if they want to maintain a relevant image that speaks to those who work there, the people who pay a visit and their consumers in general.

7 Roads Towards A Modern Commercial Office

The good news is that there are several cost-effective designs, derived from office decorations in London, that will bring your commercial space up-to-date and keep it there for a while.

1. Natural Tones and Colour

Bringing the beautiful colours of nature into the office is getting more popular. This translates into deep cooling tones, for example, making grey and charcoal the primary choice. These can be used in combination with ivory, stone, and taupe to achieve more balance.

However, if this combination doesn’t grab you enough, a fiery paprika or lime can add some interesting dimensions.

2. Intensified Geometric Patterns

While small-scale designs have been popular for hotel and hospital flooring, it’s a trend that is giving way to more intense and large-scale geometric patterns.

Thanks to the visual appeal, it really gives any business that designer edge they are looking for while giving visitors really something to remember the business by.

3. More Functional Office Furniture

One section where businesses tend to be stingy with the budget is office furniture. And with the cost of the furniture being the main priority, they naturally lack everything else. But lately, comfort, style, and ergonomic designs have been surfacing. Cost is no longer the main priority because employees are more productive with more functional office furniture.

In other words, don’t be surprised if you walk into an office with adjustable chairs, headrests, and even desks high enough to work from when standing.

Given that consumers are always looking for quality products, commercial furniture has become a symbol of this quality. The materials being used are more durable and able, such as rustic woods, metal finishes, as well as tempered glass.

4. Original Arrangements and Combinations

The more unique and original the better. This is why interior designs are really starting to break away from the typical and comfortable choices. Instead, they are considering quirky touches and more extreme combinations.

A very good example of this trend can be seen in the mismatching floor tile patterns. It doesn’t make any sense when you think about it, but when executed well, it looks absolutely brilliant.

5. Multi-Functional and Innovative Designs

Coming back to office furniture and the budget a business always has to keep a close eye on, multi-functional and innovative designs seem to be solving this problem. Basic furniture with a single purpose suddenly gains another dimension, making it worth the investment.

To give you some idea of how innovative these designs can be, just look at the filing cabinet with the slide-out seats, which are perfect for quick and unexpected meetings.

6. Environmentally Friendly

It is only natural that companies are facing more pressure regarding their carbon footprint. And even though glass used to be considered an enemy of eco-related building projects, the tables have turned.

Instead of making the office less efficient, new windows increase energy efficiency, and they typically come with what is known as the next generation of solar cells, increasing their efficiency levels even more.

7. Open Plan Offices

Employees simply don’t want to be stuck in a lonely cubicle all day. Instead, they want to get some regular natural light, and they want to at least see their co-workers in case they have to talk about something. It’s for this reason that corporations are switching to more natural light resources and decreasing partitions between desks.

Obviously, these changes can’t be made overnight, but taking it one step at a time will eventually get you there. And if you don’t go through the change, you run the risk of people forgetting your business as they leave.