7 SEO Tips For Your Small Business

With a plethora of updates from Google, the search world is becoming more complicated. You need to keep track of SEO and implement proper techniques to make sure spiders catch your page and rank it appropriately.

It is important to bear in mind several key points when approaching Search Engine Optimization.

Below are certain useful SEO tips for business performance enhancement.

Identify Your Audience

Determine who the intended audience of your good or service is. Adopt a specific approach and select a particular product as the core keyword of your campaign. In this way, you will be able to attract more traffic to your website.

Develop Your Keyword Focus

The search term that you used in your online presence might not be the same that Google’s spiders search for. Therefore you should research to expand your keyword base and consider other optional keywords. Focus on other methods for visitors to look for your product or service.

Website Content Matters A Lot

Website content has always been a matter of concern because it impacts the length of duration a visitor would stay on the website. The more engaging the content is, the more it would be shared and linked and lead to increased conversions. It is important that something of value is provided on your website as it impacts offsite as well.

More Than Onsite SEO

Although onsite SEO is important, there are other things that matter besides keywords – title tags, site structure and load speed. About 70 percent of search engine rankings are the result of backlinks. Many webmasters indulge in purchasing backlinks rather than earning them which can be penalized by Google’s spiders. Backlinks can be achieved by quality content containing humor, valuable information, controversy, politics and also be by specialized SEO training.

Establish A Presence On Social Media Sites

Not only will you be able to promote traffic to your website but also communicate with your customers and attract potential customers through it. Add a link back to your site from the social networking sites where your audience is present. Share interesting information about yourself and tackle any negative issues that surface.

Have A Local Business Page

Small businesses make business when they are listed on Google’s local search. Create a Google+ business page and add all the details about your business to it. Put in a few pictures to present your business. Promote your Google+ page on your website and blog and ask customers to write reviews about your business. It is a good idea to add a link in your bio to your Google+ page whenever you do a guest blogging.

Use Pay-Per-Click Campaigns For Traffic

You have to admit PPC campaigns give a fair traffic return to your website. It is a decent way to earn site traffic and has been used for a long time. Keep an eye out on your monthly analytics and if you feel you need a boost, invest in some PPC.

Mark is a small business advisor working for Istos Global, a dynamic Company formation firm in Cyprus providing fiduciry services

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