7 Things To Do Before Planning A Party At A Bar or Restaurant

Hosting a party with a number of guests can be quite a challenge especially if you live in a big city where apartments are only good for you and your roommate. Your friends of 60 would surely be impossible to fit into your home. However, there is an alternative where you can host a party and take your friends out–a sophisticated restaurant or even a glamorous bar! These places are popular in big cities, almost every corner has a place where you can have a good experience. From an intimate dinner for you and your hubby’s anniversary to celebrating the big 5-0, you can easily find a place in the city–the perfect one that fits your budget and promises a good night.

7 Things To Do Before Planning A Party At A Bar or Restaurant

Plan Ahead

You should plan your party at least a month before the actual event. A party that everyone enjoys including you, are planned and smoothened way before the actual date. Making sure that all logistical needs are all set would save you from a possible headache on the night of the party. Envisioning the kind of party you want to throw would help you itemize the logistical needs. Do you want a private dinner in a place with a romantic ambience on a Saturday night? Or do you want to have a memorable Friday night with your coworkers over dinner and dancing after happy hour? Imagining it on your head can help you narrow down the things you need to do and prepare for.

Scout It Out

After narrowing down the details and specifications you need for your party, use Google to search for possible venues that can cater them. If you want a private dinner, search for romantic places that have private rooms. If you want to treat your friends or coworkers in a bar, search for bars that have private rooms for you and your party. Apples and Pears Bar in London provides fantastic private booking service. If you want to host a brunch or a light dinner, you can search for good and cosy restaurants that can cater to a large group. List the top 5 possible venues and visit each one for a firsthand experience. Choose one place to host your party and get onto the next phase of planning.

Discuss Details

A meeting with the restaurant or bar’s owner or supervisor would be necessary for you to discuss all your event details. Inquire about corkage fees if there are, what kinds of food are you not allowed to bring–like a cake, perhaps–and ask about the limitations of decorating the place. Ask about the time you can go to set up and prepare the venue, and of course, the estimated cost and additional charges. It’s always better that you know how much your estimated expenses are at the start than being surprised when you see the final bill.

Send Transparent Invitations

Send out invitations that tell all the details about your event. It is important that your guests know if they are paying for a ticket or their own meals. However, if you are hosting the party, then it is just right that you are paying for your guests. You are throwing the party, so their presence is more than enough.

Curate the Menu

If you are hosting a dinner, you can ask the restaurant’s chef to help you curate a simple menu for your party. This would be much better for everyone, as your guests won’t feel burdened by the responsibility of ordering their own meals. This can also help the chef and kitchen staff prepare ahead. From appetizers to wine pairings, you can tell the chef what you want him to cook. Don’t forget to print out the menus so your guests would know what to expect!

Personalise the Space

A party is not a party without decorations. Put decors that complement your event’s theme. Place flowers, balloons, ribbons, and streamers–anything you want just as long as you keep the design in line with your party’s theme.

Keep Staff Informed

If there are any changes regarding your party, like possibly additional last-minute guests, guests with allergies, or a need for a menu change, you should let everyone who is involved in the preparation of your party know about these changes. This will keep everything flowing smoothly through the night. The staff involved would only give you and your guests the best experience if they know all the details that they need to know.