7 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have On Hand

Whether you’re a natural handyman or in need of some practice, it is in your best interest to arm yourself with the right equipment. Fortunately, the market is full of a wide array of home improvement products to help you get the most out of your efforts, and most of the basics don’t even plug in. Be sure to mark these seven tools every homeowner should have on your shopping list:

Hammer. This will come in handy for a countless array of tasks around the home. There are many types of hammers out there, but you only need invest in one great hammer. Look for a 16-oz weight in either fiberglass or steel, a vibration-absorbing grip, a smooth head, and a rip claw.

Drill set. These come in a variety of price points and may be cordless or electrical. Be sure you choose a set that comes with a good variety of drill bits, and that has enough power to accompany you through whatever projects you plan on completing (this will depend on your skill level).

Screwdriver set. There are occasions when a power driver simply won’t do and you must go in manually. Invest in a screwdriver set that comes with a multitude of head sizes and types (Philips head, flat head, hexagonal, etc.).

Rapid charger. Unless your power tools run on electricity, you’ve got to depend on battery packs to get you through your projects. Unfortunately, it seems that battery packs like to run out of charge the moment you need them the most . . . and it can take what feels like an eternity to recharge them. A rapid charger is the fastest way to charge rechargeable batteries, so that you don’t fall behind in a job because of power drainage.

Level. You might be surprised at all the occasions that require the use of a level. From hanging wall art to installing cabinets, you will need a good level to get the job done right.

Saw. A compact table saw should be enough to accomplish a broad array of home improvement tasks. If you don’t have room to store a table saw, consider a handheld circular saw, or even a jig saw. When it comes to choosing the best type of saw for you, it’s a good idea to take inventory of your needs and shop around.

Pliers. Purchase a set with an array of types and sizes, including needle nosed, tongue and groove, crimper/stripper, cutting, locking, and slip joint pliers. There is no end to the multitude of uses you will get out of your pliers.

Every homeowner should have a basic tool set, no matter what their home improvement aspirations are (or aren’t). Use this list as a guide for building your own tool collection.

This is a guest post from Cheree Kozma. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman. If you want to replace door gaskets, fix leaky pipes, and make simple repairs, you’ll need a good collection of tools!

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