A Basic Guide To SEO Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as commonly portrayed online, is a method used by companies who wish to encourage more people to visit their website. Research show that the higher a website is listed in search results on sites such as Google, the more likely a customer is to visit it. Even the most basic and smallest of changes can enhance the visibility of your site to potential customers in these listings, mainly by using specific keywords. Knowing the simplest aspects about optimizing search engine results can aid your business significantly; this guide will look through some of the most basic aspects of SEO marketing to help even the most amateur web developers.

Tips for SEO Marketing

As noted before, the main goal of a good SEO marketing ploy is to increase the traffic on your site by increasing its chances of appearing in search results. Below are some simple considerations for any webmaster to think about.

• Think about what your site is offering and what words a potential customer may type into a search bar to come across it. Writing in a sharp and attractive manner will also keep customers on your site for as long as possible and can be the difference between them making a purchase or not.

• Ensure that any content on your site is 100% original and not copied from other online sources. The more established search engines such as Google and Yahoo has software which can determine the authenticity of the substance on your site; any plagiarism, intentional or not, can hinder its search results ranking.

• Linking from other websites is an efficient way of both advertising your product and also improving the validity of your domain with search engine websites. The more often your site is linked from external pages, the higher up it is likely to appear in the rankings.

• Linking from other online businesses may require you to return the favour for them. Consider who these companies are in respect to their reputation and relevance to your product.

• Keep updating the content you have already delivered to keep it fresh and up-to-date with the ever changing market. Use carefully chosen keywords that search engines will recognize and also link those words to the desired page.

• Make sure that any links to your homepage not only work properly but are trusted by antivirus software such as McAfee; any hint of your site being dodgy will obviously put people off.

• One of the best ways to bypass some of the potential pitfalls of SEO marketing is to hire a professional company to produce content for you. They will be much more capable to look into your requirements and design the content suitably.


There are plenty of more advanced bits of information that can be researched online about SEO marketing and there are even courses you can enrol on to further look into the matter. Bringing in specialised SEO companies to enhance your content is recommended but be sure to consider the advice mentioned in this guide to get you started.

A Basic Guide to SEO Marketing by Adam Hughes

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