A Green Tongue Can Get You a DUI Charge

Yes. It may sound ridiculous but it is true. In York Pennsylvania you can be arrested, charged in court and possibly convicted of DUI for having a green tongue. Police say the green tongue is one of the indications that the person is using marijuana. Police officers in the U.S., have been using this as a basis for DUI violations and significant numbers of those charges in Court have at least mentioned a green coating, green film, and green tint.

Although green tongues are cited in numerous affidavits of probable cause, a lot of people remain skeptical about the observation actually meaning something. Police officers cannot pinpoint any scientific study that would support their claim. The worst part here is that this is taught in their training and maybe the reason why they enforce it. The idea of the green tongue is doubtful and confusing even to the ordinary individuals who do not know the law. Attorneys usually help individuals fight these charges as quickly as possible. For this reason, if you are ever charged for DUI, the first question to ask is this; is there any DUI defense near me?

Nick Morrow, a former member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department argued that a green tongue can be traced to a handbook called “identifying the marijuana user” which was published in 1986. The handbook contains a picture of a woman with a green tongue and the book was handed overto the California Highway Patrol. He added that he cannot question the police officers because they are trained to look for a green tongue.

It is public knowledge that marijuana has been the subject of studies by many scientists because they believe that it has a positive effect on humans. These researchers did not talk about the green tongue and there was neither emphasis on that aspect. Most experts if not all, do not agree that marijuana causes the tongue to turn green. Few mentioned that there may be other circumstances to consider why the tongue turns green but definitely not the use of marijuana as believed by the police officers.

An article published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences in 2017stated that researchersstudied blood samples from people who were suspected of driving under the influence. Even though it was found out that 96.2% of them had THC in their system, the study never discussed the green tongue. Instead, it discusses the other well-known symptoms such as bloodshot eyes, weary eyelids, slurred speech, acoat on the tongue but not a green one. Moreover, in 2015, the Drug Recognition Expert Course Instructor stressed that no study has yet confirmed that marijuana causes a green film to appear on the tongue.

Surely, the court cannot convict an accused based on the evidence of a green tongue. Ydrnews, states that there must be other evidence that the court must rely on aside from a green tongue because a conviction of the accused based on weak evidence will create impact not only to a particular court but to the whole judicial system.

Indeed, there is no solid study to support police officers’ claims about the green tongue. It has been accepted by the police for many years as evidence but it is not too late to put things on the right track.  A serious scientific study should be conducted on the subject. With today’s technology, it should be easy to find an answer and discover whether the green tongue theory is true or not.


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