A Guide To Making Your Other Half Happy – Thinking Outside The Christmas Box

It’s that time of year again where the mad rush before Christmas brings us all rushing around to buy the ‘perfect’ Christmas present. Well this year there’s no need to panic; this year it’s time to think outside of the box, literally.

Perfume and pretty gift sets can set you back a fair bit. But when you see that your other half hasn’t even opened the perfume which cost £45 or used the organic gift set, with Vanilla straight from the Madagascan Rainforest, I’m sure your buttons are going to be pressed somewhere along the line.

So think outside the box this year and get creative with your gifts.

For example, try making your own wrapping paper. Yes it sounds silly but put your faith in us, we know your girlfriend will love it. It’s an original bohemian idea that will leave your other half feeling nostalgic (and around this time of the year this is exactly what we want).

Making your own wrapping paper gives you a chance to throw your own ideas into the mix and also gives wrapping presents that personal touch. It also gives you a chance to go crazy and let your inner creative demon go wild by using different materials and designs. This can also work out to be a fun activity for the kids, earning you some major brownie points. You can use all sorts of prints and even go crazy using arty prints instead of cheap wrapping paper. If you take a look online you’ll find websites which provide a range of different prints perfect to use for DIY Christmas wrapping paper.

Another way to get creative at Christmas is in the kitchen. Yes gents, you need to venture into this forbidden territory, all in the name of Christmas. Gingerbread and shortbread were a traditional gift back in the late 1900’s, so get super-nostalgic and get your mixing bowl at the ready. Mince pies are another way of getting festive and each individual item can work well being wrapped up and given as a little stocking filler. If a mince pie isn’t enough as a tasty treat you’ll be amazed how easy it is to make your own jams or chutney. These festive little jars of tasty loveliness are the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas cheese plates and will be warmly welcomed in every home.

So this Christmas get nostalgic, get original, and get creative!

This article on getting creative at Christmas was written on behalf of Albion Prints.

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