A Look At Three Mind-blowing Medical Startup Ideas

When it comes to startups, people usually think about business. However, a lot of us mostly neglect the fact that a startup is not only trying to make a profit, they are also trying to change the world in one way or another. Here we take a look at three such startups, some of which completely non-profit and changing the way we perceive the world significantly, one step at a time, provided that they reach their full potential soon.

The first startup we take a look at is partially non-profit and is developed by Cambrian Genomics in San Francisco. The main idea for this startup is to create a printer for DNA. That is right. Instead of spitting out ink, this printer will issue whole batches of synthetic DNA, which could be used for the development of personalized medicine or even new organisms. The startup aims to eliminate a lot of the costs and time required for synthetic DNA strains to be completed. If this succeeds, we are looking at a new age in microbiology as a whole, and perhaps cures for a lot of the diseases, which we do not know how to get rid of.

The next mindboggling experience comes from Matternet. They are trying to develop a drone, which brings all the medicine you require on demand. If you have seen a few sci-fi movies you are probably well-aware of the applications of such an unmanned droid soaring through the skies. Next time you are injured, bitten by a wasp or otherwise in discomfort, if you see something heading your way – don’t shoot it down. The technology is to be released soon, and as soon as you make the call, a drone might be issued in order to bring you the medicine you require.

The last such startup is already completed, and simply awaits the approval by the FDA in July. Proteus has developed a digitalized pill, which enters your system and tracks your health status. Instead of going through a lot of pricy and time-consuming examinations, you simply need to swallow the pill, which is completely powered up by your stomach fluids, and then attach a small band onto your hand as a transmitter. The data will then be easily transmitted to both your cellphone and that of your practitioner.

It is clear that a revolution in technologies is coming, and it is even better that they are for the greater good of humanity. We could only keep our fingers crossed that all these startups will succeed and bring a better future for all of us.

During 2013 you can easily stay tuned for news regarding all these projects, as they are bound to be many. It is good to see that all the good ideas don’t go wasted on warfare and that we can expect a quick salvation from some of the problems, which are threatening us in our daily lives.

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