A New Year, A New Home? – Things To Remember When Moving

There is nothing more exciting and rejuvenating than the prospect of moving home or residence. With new ventures to explore, new comforts to discover and the start of a new era, you can’t help but muster a sense of hope and prosperity.

Whether you’re still searching for the dream location, planning a move in the next coming months or are a few weeks away from the ‘Big Day’, the stresses of checklists, packing and endless organisation can often be an overwhelming and quite frightening prospect.

So Little Time, So Much To Do
What can be more frightening is the fact that once you have moved in, the hard work has merely just begun. What will have seemed like years in preparation for your move will be over in a matter of days and before you know, you will be standing in your new residence with boxes and furniture up to your armpits.

Which is why it is always worth seeking an extra set (or sets) of hands when planning your move. From moving your belongings to ticking off your checklist, it is always worth seeking the help of a professional removals company. Their presence and knowledge of the conventions of a ‘moving day’ will prove invaluable as they relieve some of the stress.

So with so many things to remember and consider, how can anyone keep track of what to do and when to do it?

Calm down. Breathe. Count to three. One. Two. Three. Let us begin…

1. Packing
Unfortunately, packing is one of the more personal matters when it comes to moving. But don’t see this as a struggle. Use it as an opportunity to go through your belongings and sort out the essentials from the clutter.

Make sure you buy strong, durable boxes well in advance and save any old newspapers to use as wrapping paper for those more delicate objects. Purchasing some new, reliable permanent markers will make your life a lot easier when it comes to labelling.

Packing can begin as early as you like. Leaving it too late will only add more stress as you rush to get your possession’s boxed up. Take your time and use it productively and efficiently. Throw away any rubbish you know you don’t need or take any unwanted belongings to a charity shop.

2. Professional Removals
Extra help is always received with gratitude. Whilst many homeowners have taken to ‘DIY Removals’, it can often lead to unnecessary complications. Professional companies are experts in the art of effective and efficient removals and will know the best way to pack, store, load and move your belongings.

Reputable companies often tailor their services to match your own time, budget and location requirements and, with an array of flexible deals, you can reach a deal that is best for you. Be sure to shop around to find the best quote you can.

When it comes to the heavy stuff however, leave it to the professionals. The last thing you want is to spend your first couple of weeks in your new home confined to your bed or sofa!

3. Checklist…”Check”!
Lists are one of our finest creations. With a whole host of things to remember, no one is expected to recollect everything off the top of their head. Compile a check list which is clear to read and easily allows you to ‘tick off’ what has been done.

Everything from hiring a removals company, to ensuring your belongings are neatly packed, to checking the ‘fine prints’ of contracts and insurance details, the internet is a great source of information and with a little research you can begin to compile your own list.

Enjoy Your Moving Day
Preparation, Organisation and an extra set of hands will ensure that your ‘moving day’ doesn’t turn into your worst nightmare. With these easy-to-follow tips, you will be able to keep a calm head and remain as stress-free as possible as you enjoy the real excitement of starting your new life in your new residence.

This post was written by Phil Warrington on behalf of Relocate Removals; a leading removals and storage company operating in the South East of England, covering the Essex, Kent and North London areas.

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