A Prom Look To Remember

Everything is falling into place: your date, dinner, and your ride. It’s going to be a fabulous night. The only piece of the puzzle left is one of the most important.

What you’re wearing to the big event is critical. Prom night, more than any other night in your teens, is your chance to sparkle. Your dress is all about your style and your personality. So where do you start?

If coordinating with your date so that your dress compliments or matches his tux or vest isn’t a big deal, this part is easy. The most you’ll have to coordinate is what time he’ll pick you up.

However, if you want both you and your date to make an impression on the dance floor, you may want to give this a little thought. What color do you want to wear? If you’re thinking candied-apple red, you best make sure your date isn’t thinking maroon.

Keep the color coordination simple. If your dress is black with silver accents, see if your date can wear a black tux with silver vest and tie. Simple can be chic.

By the way, if you’re going for the complimenting angle, be sure to give your date enough time to follow through with his end of the deal.

The Hunt
Where you look for your dress can be a big factor in finding what you’re looking for. It can also determine whether you’re going to be wearing the same dress as three other girls. You need a game plan.

Decide what style you like. There are plenty of options. Make sure you look for a dress with a cut that is flattering for your body type. It also helps to know what features you want to show off. Got killer gams? Show some leg with a higher hemline. Feeling a little spunky? Try a metallic or neon color. Current trends have made it easier than ever to wear a dress that not only suits your figure, but your personality, too. Whether your style is classic, sporty, flirty or chic, look for a dress that speaks to you.

When looking for your gown, the Internet can be the ideal place to start your search. Keep in mind if you’re ordering your dress from a website, check how long it will take to ship your purchase, as well as the site’s return policy. You want to be sure to give yourself enough time to exchange and find another dress if your first choice doesn’t work out. An expensive designer gown bought online is just another gown if it doesn’t fit.

If you’re going the old-fashioned shopping route, consider unusual places. Thrift stores and flea markets can turn up major retro finds that can be perfect with minor alterations. Also, don’t write off the sale wrack just because you think anything you’d find there would be out of vogue. Consignment stores can also be a treasure trove of worn-once finery since most shops have strict standards on the quality of clothing they’ll accept. The key is to find the dress that is right for you, not the one that everyone else will be wearing.

Finally, a girl’s best friend: your accessories. The key elements here are jewelry, handbags and shoes. You can either comb the Internet for these items or trek through your local shops; the choice is yours.

Again, think about unusual places. Retro costume jewelry can be just the kind of bling you’re looking for. If your gown doesn’t have sparkle on it already, consider spicing it up with a big rhinestone brooch on the neckline or hip.

There are several websites that will let you purchase as many shoes or handbags as you like, delivered to your door for you to try on. Keep the ones you like and return the others. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to find replacements if your first orders don’t pan out.

Remember, this is your night. Make it count.

Jenny Houston is a professional blogger that writes for NightMovesProm.com, a leading designer of prom dresses and Quinceanera gowns.

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