A Purse To Suit Your Lifestyle

With all of the options available ladies everywhere are free to choose which bag will suit their life, style and most importantly stuff. Different styles come and go with the decades but it seems today we have a great selection of what was awesome in every era.

Satchels are bags that usually have strap. Often times they are large enough to fit textbooks, or a laptop. Their size makes them a favored go to for students and business people. Satchels can be purchase in a variety of materials from denim, to distressed leathers that add a vintage chic look to the bag. In order to properly wear a satchel bag the strap goes across the body and the satchel rests on the opposite hip.

Hobo Bags
Hobo bags are often bag that have no rigid form and seem to just hang under the weight of its contents. Due to their larger size hobo bags are a great go to option for a variety of lifestyles. The strap on hobo bags vary in length and the bag can be carried in any way that is comfortable. The hobo bag is a great weekend bag. It transitions well from the fair, to the beach, and on to the farmer’s market.

Totes are another wonderful carryall. They can be found in almost any material that you can imagine. Many people favor canvas totes for groceries or shopping excursions, while a leather one is dressed up enough to take to the office. Totes usually feature shorter handles for carrying.

Cross Body Bags
The only rule for these purses is that the strap is long enough to be worn across the body in much the same style as the satchel. This style is a favorite of many old and young. The actual purse itself comes in many sizes and with different embellishments. A word to top the wise though: If you carry a few extra pounds, pick a bigger purse, and not a cross body bag. The strap cutting across your chest can actually accentuate your problem areas.

Clutches do not have straps, except for the few that have removable options. Clutches are great for anyone who doesn’t forget their purse. With a clutch it is all too easy to set down your purse and then leave it. The most suited place for clutches is luncheons, weddings and other such functions where you can safely (usually) set down your hand bag.

So it’s Saturday night and your about to go to the club…take a wristlet instead of a regular purse. Wristlets are small bags that will hold your identification and some cash. It has a strap that slides onto your wrist, eliminating the need to hold it, or set it down. A wristlet means your hands will be free for holding martinis and dancing.

It is highly recommended that you have a minimum of one of each of these bags. After all, life isn’t the same every day or even every hour. Why should your handbags be the same all the time?

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