A Refreshing Trip To Murud and Its Calm Blue Sea Water

Murud is situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is fast emerging as a popular tourist destination, of late. Many hotels in Murud and around have opened up, so you can stay back and explore the area at your leisure. Murud is one of the select tourist places in the state that offer a respite from the city life. People from neighboring areas as well as from different states keep coming to Murud for recreation and enjoyment.

Following are some of the most popular attractions here that you can explore:

A Refreshing Trip To Murud and Its Calm Blue Sea Water

  1. The Beach – Murud Beach is one of the prime attractions in the region. Stretched about in 2 km, the beach looks like a necklace. Its bluish water and cool breeze offer a pristine experience for the tourists. The unpolluted water and the scenic landscape are a wonderful sight. Water sports is a favorite activity around here.
  2. Janjira Fort – Built in 16th century, this marine fort is a strong structure of the old times. Siddi Dynasty ruled from here long back and the fort foiled many attempts of the British to supercede it. The fort has unique wooden architecture and nineteen round bastions. Ammunitions were kept in the turrets and towers of Janjira Fort. On the outer gate, you would find an interesting engraving of a tiger holding an elephant in its paws.
  3. Datta Mandir – This dome shaped Hindu temple has the three-headed idol of Lord Datta who represents the trinity. It was built by a saint and is now revered among the locals. Visitors come here to offer prayers and receive blessings.
  4. Siddhi Vinayak temple – Dedicated to Lord Ganesh, this temple is another popular religious site of the region. Sankashti Chaturthi and Maghi Chaturthi celebrated here with a lot of religious fervor.
  5. Nawab Palace – While on your way to Murud, you would find this palace on your left. It is also known as Ahmedganj Palace. It was constructed in 1885. Nawab Palace is spread in 45 acres of area. There are mosques and tombs inside the palace. The place offers a splendid view of the Arabian Sea.
  6. Kasa Fort – It was built by Shivaji when he wanted to conquer the Janjira Fort. It is also known as Padmadurg Fort. It is spread in an area of 9 acres of land.
  7. Garambi Falls – Surrounded by forests, this spectacular waterfall is a nice place for scenic expedition. It has a height of 100 feet and the water is so clean that you can even drink it. Garambi Falls is a perfect place in Murud for a family excursion or picnic time.
  8. Garambi Dam – There is this Garambi Dam as well, which is another site for some outdoor fun. It is also known as Victoria Jubilee Water Works.

You can check out these places in Murud at your own pace during your stay. A two days trip to the place is worth it and you can book an accommodation in one of the budget hotels in Murud for a reasonable stay.

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