A Rock Concert Is Like A Conference – How Do They Choose It’s Venue?

This feature’s actually about planning a musical event – after all, a musical event too is a meeting that requires solid planning, coordination, crowd control and venue management.

And here’s how you go about setting up a musical event that can accommodate 1000s of fans who like to sing, dance, drink and rock the night away.

The first thing to consider is the size of the meeting venue – err, rock event. You don’t want fans left out and you don’t want to stare at an empty room either. Unruly fans in a crowded room can lynch you and lack of fans will kill the artists’ confidence. It’s okay to leave empty space in a regular corporate meeting, but a music show is one event that must be packed to its gills, and therefore, the first rule to remember is that size does matter. So, go ahead and choose the right “meeting” venue size.

A rock concert the exact opposite of a formal meeting venue.
In a formal meeting venue, participants sit down and listen to orators; In a rock show people stand, scream and watch artists break guitars. The key word here is “stand.” If the artist doesn’t gel with the audience, all that the audience will remember is that they stood and listened to uninteresting stuff. So, just like you hire a great orator and a great meeting venue for a formal do, you must hire a reputed artist for a rock show – the kind who is strong enough to break music gear and jump off the stage with almost nothing on – and of course, perform well.

Rock concert promoters are real smooth businessmen. If your rock show is a turkey, the promoter will give you thanks(giving), and refuse to host you again. So, doubly ensure that you put up a good show or it will be curtains for you after the gig is done.

A rock concert is one hell of a meeting that needs props, lighting and special effects, which are required to dazzle the heck out of the audience. High quality equipment will earn you goodwill, low quality equipment will throw up in your face.

Finally, look at the costs.
A club in downtown NY will blow big holes in your pocket. So, work with something you can afford. And, don’t price the tickets too high – remember, we are passing through a recession.

To sum up, planning a rock concert is in fact tougher than holding a regular meeting. The meeting venue must be right and the musicians must be to notch. Guarantee this, and you’ll become a solo hit.

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Tracy C. Sasser is a blotter and event coordinator who always looks for the best conference centers for her events.

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