A Weekend In Sintra, A Romantic Getaway

A weekend in Sintra is like a dream coming true. The scenario is an ode to romance. The unbelievably beautiful landscape, the fairytale palaces, villas and manor houses nestled in the mountain and the charming village center cast a spell on all visitors: They all fall in love! At least they all fall in love for Sintra. No doubt, Sintra is better enjoyed when discovered hand-in-hand with your better half. The moments spend here will be treasured forever. And they surely rank the list of stories to tell the grandchildren.

How to spend a memorable weekend in Sintra

Sintra is a perfect destination for lovers. Here the women fell like true princesses and men are their shining armor knights, coming in their white horses to save them. It’s if time stood still and love is all that matters.

Day one

Start day one of your weekend in Sintra with a stroll along the village’s winding streets. It is the easiest way to let Sintra weave its magic. Then head to Sintra National Palace once the former favorite summer destinations of kings and queens. Famed for its curious chimneys, Sintra National Palace rises imposing over the ruins of an ancient Arab palace.

It’s time to choose one of the many restaurants for a delicious lunch. If the weather permits it try to get a place on a terrace. And don’t forget to get a travesseiro or a queijada for dessert!

After lunch adventure yourself a bit further from Sintra’s center and head to Monserrate, a true gem of the Disney-like palaces in Sintra.Visiting its astonishing gardens means going on a botanic journey through the five continents. However, before reaching Monserrate there is another commendatory stop: Regaleira Palace, the greatest symbol of Sintra’s mysticism.

Linked to the occult, Regaleira was the scenery for The Ninth Gate movie, with Johnny Depp. After visiting these fascinating palaces, its time for watching the sunset at Roca Cape the westernmost point of Continental Europe. Could there be a better way to end this first day of your weekend in Sintra?

Day two

After tempering your strengths with a good night sleep, it’s time to go for the second day of your weekend in Sintra. Well, you couldn’t leave Sintra without visiting its major highlights, could you? Therefore head first to Moors castle, the major legacy left by the Arabs in Sintra, conquered by the first Portuguese king Afonso Henriques in 1147. It stands on the top of a mount suggestively baptized as mount of the Moon by the Romans.

Afterwards it is time to visit la crème de la crème of all Sintra’s romantic monuments: Pena Palace and its gardens. The palace’s colorful walls are hypnotizing and they catch our attention from a far. Opulence describes best both the palace and its decoration. However, nothing compares to the view from its terraces. So enjoy it, taking the chance to have a cup of coffee and flirt a little.

To crown this weekend in Sintra, snuggle with your lover and go for a tour in a horse-drawn carriage. There are several tours you can choose from. I am sure that when you leave you will be taking Sintra in your heart, but don’t forget to take it also in your stomach. How? By taking with you some travesseiros and queijadas. Besides they are a good way to appease our soul when you miss your weekend in Sintra!

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