A Year Of New Travel In 2013

Have you become tired of the same old ideas that package holiday operators put forward? Perhaps you are looking for a different sort of travel experience in the coming year. Or maybe you want to try a new and exciting destination to explore? This year, there is no need to go through the same pattern as least year. Try some new ideas out that will make 2013 a year to remember, packed with exciting ideas.

Fly The Biggest Jet

The world’s largest jet aeroplane is the Airbus A380, which went into commercial service for the first time in 2007 with Singapore Airlines. Now other airlines, such as Emirates, Qantas and Lufthansa, among others, use the massive jet for a wide variety of destinations. By making the flight on an A380 part of the holiday experience, you can make the travel as exciting as the destination itself.

From 2013, Airbus plan to introduce a new A380 construction standard that will incorporate a strengthened airframe structure. The newest planes went into service with Thai Airways International in October last year. So, for a flight in style and comfort, in an aircraft that is over 70 metres in length, book a flight to a destination in East Asia and travel there in style.

Tourist Train Routes

If you like to explore the world a little closer to the ground, the rail networks of North America and Europe both offer splendid options for the traveller looking for something that is a little different. Booked from the UK, trans-American rail tours are becoming increasingly popular. Most of these types of tours commence on the west coast, so you will need to fly there. However, the tours wend their way back to New York by various railway routes, taking in a number of great American sights along the way.

There are a good number of different tours to choose from, with departure dates that will suit. In general, they take about three weeks to make the journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Expect to see the delights of Yosemite National Park, an overnight stay in the entertainment capital of Las Vegas and the world famous Niagara Falls.

A great springtime rail tour to consider, that will not break the bank, is one that tours the Dutch tulip fields. These rail tours tend to be little nostalgic, evoking the classic era of rail travel, by using steam engines. Expect to see windmills, fields full of flowering blooms and picturesque architecture in a week-long tour.

Europe’s Tallest Building

The Shard has already become a fixture of the London skyline and, standing at over 300 metres, is the tallest building in the European Union. It has a viewing platform at the top of the 95 storey structure that is open daily between 9am and 10pm. Even on weekdays it is advisable to book your tickets in advance from the Shard’s own website, to avoid being disappointed. Nowhere in London will you be able to get such a stunning view of the city below. Indeed, on a good day you can right across to the suburbs.

A good idea is to combine a trip to the Shard with a hotel booking. Why not spend a morning in the skyscraper, explore the nearby Borough market in the afternoon before heading off to the west end in the evening to take in a new show? If your available travel time is limited even a single night in the capital will offer much more than other destinations.

Keep It Simple

Foreign travel and globe trotting is always likely to appeal. Nevertheless, UK based holidays have been trendy for couples and families over the least few summers. Sticking to Britain may sound unadventurous, but the UK has plenty to offer holidaymakers seeking something novel. Why not combine your holiday with some relaxation and acquiring a new skill?

For instance, there are plenty of weekend and week long courses that will teach even complete novices to sail. Once you have picked up the basic skills, perhaps next year it will be time to charter your own boat in the Mediterranean? Sailing courses that include your accommodation and food can be found all over the country, but are particularly established in Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and the Solent. All these areas are packed with self catering accommodation and guest houses, so even if not everyone in your party wants to sail, you can cater for everybody’s holiday-making tastes.

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Written by Colin McDonald on behalf of Poters Holidays – Catering for family holidays in the UK

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