Accessories For That Every Cyclist Should Carry

Cycling is a hobby that offers several considerable benefits.It’ll improve your fitness, allow you to see the world, and, at the very least, provide you with a means of getting from one place to another.Small wonder then, that it remains one of the most popular hobbies in the country.

If you’re thinking of taking up cycling, then the good news is that you don’t need to invest in an enormous amount of super-expensive gear.Yes, some bicycles command fees in excess of those demanded by several cars; but you needn’t jump into the deep end to get going.

That said, there are a few choice items that will make your life on two wheels a great deal more enjoyable.Let’s examine some of them.

Accessories For That Every Cyclist Should Carry


If you’re planning on commuting in darkness, then a set of lights are an essential purchase.But even if you aren’t, lights will help to make you as visible as possible to other road users – whether they be drivers or other cyclists.You’ll need a light for the front of your bike, so that you can see where you’re going, and ideally a tail-light that’ll let other road users know you’re there.If you’re feeling extra-cautious, you might even equip your clothing, helmet and backpack with special blinking lights that’ll make you absolutely impossible to miss.LED technology has never been more affordable – so be sure that your bike comes suitably illuminated.


If you’re worried about your clothes getting ruined after you cycle through something unpleasant, then you should consider a set of mudguards an essential upgrade.Not only will they sit neatly atop your wheels, protecting you against any materials that might get thrown up from down below, but they’ll also ensure that your bike looks great – and provides you with a surface to mount reflectors and blinking lights.


Naturally, if you’re going to be hurtling along at twenty to thirty miles-per-hour, then you’ll want to ensure that your head is suitably protected.The overwhelming majority of fatal cycling accidents involve cranial trauma – and so protecting one’s head is demonstrably an excellent idea.

Cycling helmet standards are ensured in Britain (for now) by an EU law, and so opting for a more expensive model won’t necessarily afford you with a higher degree of protection.It might, however, help to ensure that you’re able to cycle in comfort, and that you’re as aerodynamic as possible while whizzing along the road, track, or forest floor.


Cycling when you can’t see what you’re doing is, obviously, quite dangerous.It’s vital, then, that would-be-cyclists invest in proper eye protection to guard against the effects of glare.A pair of wrap-around sunglasses will do the job nicely – they’ll stay on your face, unlike more traditional aviators, and will ensure that you can see even when the sunlight is beaming directly into your face.You might suspect that this particular item would be more useful during summer – but even a cold winter’s morning can provide a dose of blinding glare, provided the sky is clear.


If you’re looking to keep your bike temporarily parked in public, then you’ll want to invest in a device that’ll prevent thieves from stealing it.Such a lock should ideally be lightweight enough that you can carry it around in your backpack, and yet durable enough that it can’t be sabotaged or destroyed accidentally.

Boot liner

For those of us looking to cycle out in the wilderness, it might be necessary to occasionally place the bike in the rear of our cars.One might do this using a roof rack or a similar device that’ll secure the bikes to the exterior of one’s vehicle.An alternative is to simply place the bike in the boot of the car.

Of course, this presents a problem when you’ve finished cycling through the mud – particularly during winter.Your bike will, by the time you’re finished, be covered in dirt.This is obviously bad for the interior of your car – but fortunately, boot liners offer us a way of protecting it.

A car boot protector is a device consisting of a sheet of fabric, designed to protect your boot from the items you might place into it.The best of them are designed to adhere precisely to the contours of a specific model of car – and thereby form a tight seal that no dirt can penetrate.You’ll find Mercedes, Range Rover and Land Rover boot liners available from specialist manufacturers.

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