Add A Shuffleboard Table To Your Gaming Room

When you think of the game of shuffleboard, you may be reminded of senior citizens living in Florida. While shuffleboard is associated with the older generation, it should be known that it’s a family-friendly game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. If you have a new gaming room inside your home or a large enough space in your basement or garage, consider adding a shuffleboard table as doing so would provide your family and friends with non-stop, action-packed fun!

If you still think that shuffleboard is only played by elderly folks in retirement communities and on cruises, think again. Today, kids and adults alike are enjoying this ages-old game right inside their homes on shuffleboard tables average in length of about 13 feet. You can set up a shuffleboard table in any space if there’s adequate room available and it’s super easy to find shuffleboard tables for sale both locally and on the internet. Unlike a pool table which requires a great deal of space, you only need a long space to fit a shuffleboard table into your home as the game is played at just one end of the table and not on all four sides as in pool.

The best shuffleboard tables for sale today are designed with advanced features such as polymer resin surfaces for long-lasting play and electronic scoreboards that allows you to focus on the game and not keeping score. You can pay up to $10,000 for a shuffleboard table if you wish or pay as little as $500 for a great table that folds up for easy storage when not in use.

When you purchase a shuffleboard table, you typically get everything you need to start playing right away including pucks, wax and a table brush. If you do plan on looking for shuffleboard tables for sale online, be prepared to have to pay a steep shipping fee. If you cannot afford to fork over a few hundred dollars to have a table delivered to you, look for a gaming center in your area that sells tables and then make arrangements to transport the table yourself.

The nice thing about buying shuffleboard tables online is the fact that the best retailer will offer you many customization options including size and table finish. You also can typically order upgrades to your shuffleboard table of choice such as lights, bumpers and scoring units. Just be sure that any table you buy comes with a lifetime warranty to guarantee you never will have to replace the table.

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