Advice On How To Level A Pool Table

An uneven pool table will naturally cause a lot of problems when playing pool and it goes without saying that a table must be level in order for all the balls to run evenly and a fair game to be played.

Having an even pool table can be sometimes easier said than done, for the simple reason that floors can often be irregular and bumpy. Instead of spending thousands on having a new floor fitted, the more inexpensive way to rectify an uneven pool table is to try and even out the table itself, which can be done through a number of ways.

Adjust the height of the table
In order to ensure that your pool table is 100% level, you will need to use a spirit level. If the bubble of the spirit level is not directly in the centre, you will need to adjust the legs of the table accordingly.

To adjust the legs of the table take out the screws or pins that are attached inside the legs. Once the screws have been removed, you can move the legs either up or down, according to which way the slant is running. When you are making adjustments to the legs, keep a spirit level in the centre of the table so you will know when the adjustments are accurate and the table is completely level.

Use shims
If your pool table does not have screws or pins in the legs, in order to adjust them you should resort to using shims to make the table level.

When using shims to level a pool table, it is advisable to get someone to lift the corner that needs to be raised as you place a shim underneath the leg.

Place a shim under all legs that need to be raised and then use a spirit level to ensure that the table is level.

Fine tune the table’s level
Even if a spirit level is reading that the table is 100% level, you can fine tune the table by using a ball to calculate the balance.

In order to do this you will need to roll a ball across a section of the table and check to see if the ball runs the way it should or whether it rolls off-cue. Repeat this process on several sections of the table to determine whether or not the table is completely level and a fair game of pool can be had by all.

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