After a successful launch make sure to manage your site and money

Once your new website is up and running, you can’t just sit back and let it get on with it. You need to manage the site to keep the momentum going long after launch day has passed. Here are some vital aspects to follow.

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Create a plan

The cornerstone of any successful website management strategy is to have plans or documentation in place so that those responsible for the site know what they should be doing to keep it in ship-shape order.

Focus on site speeds

How long it takes for your website to load might have been overlooked in the launch phase; alternatively, if you have added content since, these additional elements may have impacted on load times. Either way, once a website is off the ground, keep a regular check on your site’s load speed. Why is this so important? According to Forbes, site speed affects how users view your site. Crucially, faster websites rank higher on search listings than slower ones.

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Check your content

You were probably consumed with a plethora of tasks during the launch of your site – during this hectic phase, your content might not have had a rigorous quality control check. Now is the time to devote to scrutinising your content and removing any errors or inconsistencies.
Set up a marketing plan

Web experts, will have created the necessary buzz to get your site launched; however, you will need to ensure visitors keep coming to your site over a sustained period. Now is the time to set up a marketing strategy to increase awareness of your site and visitor traffic. With various options to consider, you might wish to make use of email marketing, content marketing, or paid advertising such as pay per click.  If you do make sure to let your Gloucester Accountants manager know at site such as

Optimise your site

Following launch day, you need to focus on optimising your site so that it ranks highly on search engines and achieves your goals. Part of optimising your site involves testing various elements to determine how effective your site is, which aspects are working and which are not.

Increase protection

If you operate an e-commerce site, it is particularly essential that your new venture offers the protection and security customers demand; therefore, keep maintenance checks, back-ups and security measures top of your post-launch agenda.

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