Air Conditioning: Top Tips For Cutting Costs While Still Keeping Cool

During the summer months, electricity bills spike as the costs of running the air conditioner continue to climb. It is a huge chunk of your energy use. While you can’t avoid the fact you will end up paying more, you can minimize the expense without completely sacrificing your comfort. Here are a few ways to cut costs while still remaining comfortably cool:

Get a Dehumidifier

Air conditioning works its magic by removing humidity from the air, creating a nice chill. You can help your AC work more efficiently and with less effort by using a dehumidifier. This allows it to focus on its primary goal of making the space cooler.

Close Off Areas Not Being Used

Don’t let your AC stream into areas of the house that aren’t being used; that is just a waste of energy. Close off bedrooms, storage areas and anywhere else that is not currently occupied.

Consider Placement of Electronics

Electronics give off heat, and if they are placed close to the thermostat, it will make it ‘think’ the room is really hotter than it is. This means it will work harder to cool the space. So consider if any of your electronic devices need to be relocated. The same goes for lamps or anything else emitting heat.

Air Conditioning: Top Tips For Cutting Costs While Still Keeping Cool

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

Properly maintaining your air conditioning unit is critical for maximizing efficiency and keeping costs down. A properly maintained unit is running at its best. If there are problems that are not being fixed, the performance suffers. Not only will you maximize the performance of your unit, you will cut down on the chances of something going really wrong that will be really, really expensive to fix. According to Kay Heating, one of the best AC service in Greensboro North Carolina, maintenance agreements often come with many perks, such as discounts on various services.

Keep Vents Open

Keeping all your vents open, even if rooms that aren’t being used, is a great way to cut down on costs and maximize efficiency. When the vents are closed, the system can inhale and exhale air as effectively, throwing the system out of balance. Not only does this compromise its function, it will create more wear and tear.

A Lower Temperature Won’t Cool the Room Faster

It is easy to think that setting the temperature lower to start will cool the house off faster but it doesn’t work like that. Air conditioning works by taking the warm air and replacing it with cool air…it does this at a set rate of speed.

Don’t Run Your Fan When You’re Not Home

Running a fan is a popular tip for keeping cooling costs down, and with good reason. The air moving through the fan feels cooler, and therefore makes you feel like it isn’t as hot. But it isn’t actually lowering the temperature of the air, it just makes it feel differently on your skin. So, when you aren’t home, don’t keep fans running, thinking that is helping your AC work more efficiently.

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