Alan Jones to Celebrate Australian GPs 90th Anniversary

You cannot talk about Formula One without reminiscing about one of the all-time greats, Alan Jones. Hailing from Australia, the man left a significant mark in the world of Formula One because of his skill and talent. There is no doubt that he is one of the most loved Australian Formula 1 world champions of all time.

Formula One fans can now rejoice because. champion Alan Jones will be back to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the famous Australian Grand Prix. This will come as great news to fans who want to see their legend in action again. The event will be a part of the Motorclassica that is going to held in Melbourne in late 2018. Even if you are PlayMGM sports betting fan, we are sure you would love it – it just gets so much easier to bet on your favorite games!

Jones’s achievements:

Alan Jones became the world champion back in 1980. The Australian Grand Prix that was won by Jones was held at Calder Park. His father, Stan, is also a popular name in Australian Formula One community. He won the Australian Grand Prix in 1959 when driving a Maserati 250F at Longford.

What makes Jones and Stan unique is that they are the only father-son duo to have ever won the Grand Prix. In all its illustrious history, the Grand Prix never witness any other combination like them. They might not have driven together, but there is no doubt that Stan inspired Jones in more ways than one.

According to Jones, his joy at winning the Australian Grand Prix was comparable to winning the World Drivers’ Championship. The fact that his father also held the same title made it all the more special for Jones. He is happy that Motorclassica has decided to honors this important event. There is so much history to be celebrated when it comes to this event. Jones is excited to share his memories and give people a rare insight into his world.


The Australian Grand Prix was established back in 1927. The term was coined in reference to a speedway event that was held in Goulburn. The inaugural Australian Grand Prix was ultimately organised in 1928. It was held at Phillip Island and was officially called the ‘100 Miles Road Race’. The event was a success, and it continued to be held on Phillip Island until 1937. After that, the base shifted to Victor Harbour which is in South Australia.

The event became an important part of the Tasman Series in the 1960s. However, that did not last and it collapsed in the late 1970s.

It was in 1980 that the event moved to Calder Park, and that is the Australian Grand Prix where Jones showed his mettle. He drove a Williams FW07 F1 car as he rode to his victory.

Adelaide took over hosting the event from 1985 to 1995. The 1985 Grand Prix was included in the world championship, and that created quite a stir. Today, the Australian Grand Prix has found its home in Melbourne. It is the second oldest Grand Prix n the world.

The Motorclassica will be held from October 12 to October 14 at the Royal Exhibition Building.

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