All About Neo Graft Hair Transplants

There could be many causes for hair fall. Excessive hair fall looks unpleasant and gives the victim an aging effect. Hence there are many people who have gotten hair transplant surgeries in order to look good and feel good. As time passes, improvements have been made in this field resulting in many satisfied customers. There are many different hair transplant procedures. However, this new hair transplant machinery or technology is as improved as time and knowledge could have made it. It is guaranteed to provide the client with the best results in terms of hair fibers and their health, hence providing with maximum thickness of hair fibers. This new addition is known as a Neo Graft.

The question that arises is that in what ways is this new machinery with this new technology better than the previous ones? How is it carried out and what is the procedure, of course? This Neo graft machinery is designed to specifically improve the Follicle Unit Extraction Method (FUE).

The FUT Procedure

In the FUE procedure, each and every hair follicle is carefully removed directly from the scalp of the client. Like the sound of it, the procedure is of course more lengthy and time consuming, hence, increasing the cost of it per session. In comparison to the other hair transplant procedures such as the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Neo Graft is definitely more expensive and needs to be performed by a skilled professional surgeon. The benefit here is of the best aesthetic outcome of the transplant which means no need for the big huge scar. Also, Neo Graft gives the surgeon a wider is coverage to perform the transplant. Moreover the right amount of pneumatic pressure on the patient’s scalp reduces the risk of any damage that manual procedure may have caused. In this way any wastage could be eliminated.

Cost Effectiveness

On an average count, in an FUT, the number of grafts ranges form 800 to 3000 per session, with each hair follicle containing approx 3 to 4 hair. This of course requires more work to be done by the surgeon, hence an assistant is required to be on his side at all times. But now with the introduction of a Neo Graft, the surgeon won’t need any assistant as the machine would do just that hence resulting in a reduction in manpower thus, reducing costs to a certain amount.

As the number of graft requirement in terms of per session is increased, at the same time, the requirement for the number of sessions is decreased. The risk of hair follicle damage is reduced by the usage of an angular device for those hairs that grow at an angle to be removed safely.

There are many who still prefer the traditional old method of transplant, even some doctors because of their experience in it. However, every human has a different kind of hair follicle hence FUT may not be suitable for them.

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