All Set For working In Canada!

Canada is one of the hot-spot destinations offering the ideal environment to set up work in Canada. The government of Canada of course want the people to immigrate, work and prosper Canada legally, and hence there are various types of Canada work visa to select the one most appropriate.

Types of work visa:

  • Temporary Workers.
  • Permanent Workers.
  • Federal Skilled Workers.
  • Trade Skilled Workers.
  • Live-in Care Givers
  • Working Holiday.

Depending on the skill you possess, and the type of work you intend to do, decides the most suitable type of visa. Moreover, intentions to work temporarily in Canada will grant you Canada LMIA based visa, which does not require point system to qualify. For some categories like Federal Skilled Workers, Permanent workers, Canada PR (Permanent Residence) visa is imperative.

All Set For working In Canada!

Applying for Canada work visa

To begin your journey to Canada for work, there is a series of simple and efficient procedure which will ensure that you get the most appropriate documentation to clear way to the country. To begin with:

  • Check whether you need a Work Permit: Different occupation requires different work permit, and some don’t even need one!
  • Are you eligible?: Your eligibility depends on various factors like the location you work at, any criminal record, assurance of responsibility, medical credibility, and some more.
  • Then you apply: You can apply online, which requires you to have access to scanner and camera, for documents and photo ID respectively. Applying on paper, requires specific applications to be filled depending on the type of visa. However, the documentation remains the same for either way, like the educational and birth proof, etc. One of the important document is the job offer letter from the employer, 
  • Finals steps: You pay some nominal fees for visa which is around $150 for one, and then the Canada ImmigrationCentre of Canada will verify your application and maybe after an interview ( if required), hand over the visa to you.

Applying from India?

To get a Canada work visa from India, you’ll find numerous Canadian Immigration Consultants ready to guide you through. The online services have made it very hassle free to apply for visa, and more importantly it has made the location of applicant irrelevant. Complete a few assessment tests like English proficiency and education assessment, as part of your documents. Create your profile at the online Express Entry system and based on your profile and results, you are invited to acquire visa. Collect the precise documents, visa application and head over to Immigration Office and complete the process. And soon enough, you will be all set to fly off to Canada!

The government of Canada has made it very simple, efficient and straight-forward process to obtain a Canada work visa, from India, and similarly, from anywhere on globe. In addition to that there are Canada Immigration Consultants which are eager to help in case of any difficulty.

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