All Things Prom On A Budget

When you or your school is on a budget for prom, you can still make the night a huge success and give it a feel of having spent a lot of money. Everything from your hair, flowers, dress, rides, right down to the décor of the prom can all be done on a budget.

Your Hair On A Budget
You could be looking at an obscene amount of money to have your hair professionally styled at a salon. There is no reason to spend so much on a hairstyle for a single night out. There are many resources online that show you pictures with step-by-step directions on how to make some of the best styles. Some sites even have a slow step-by-step video of how to accomplish it.

Virtual Makeovers are online to help you decide what hairstyle, and makeup choices would suit your look.

Nails Are Just As Important
Do you bite your nails? Or maybe just never took the time to learn how to make special designs on them?

Prom day is a day for going all out. Try to grow your nails out before the big day because paying for your nails to be professionally put on, can cost up to $100. There are sites available to you that will show you tips and tricks to making your nails look beautiful for prom.

YouTube is a fantastic site to watch step-by-step videos about designing your own nails. Of course, you should watch and practice these in advance. Find one design that you really like and stick with that for your prom day.

Accessories And Dress For Your Big Day
Fashion accessories are a must have to go with any dress and hairstyle. These add up fast once you factor in the need for shoes to match your prom dress, the hand bag that is small enough to carry important items, Jewelry to show off your lovely neckline, shawls for when the night gets cold to wrap around yourself and any other items you feel you need to finish off your attire.

You can look around online and find sites like PROMGIRL that can show you items that might fit your needs. They can point you in the right direction for ensuring you have everything you need, and on budget.  Promgirl even as a spot to buy dresses on sale so you can stick to a tighter budget.  They have a section of dresses you can buy that are all under $100 for the price-conscious girl.

DIY Prom Ideas
If you have a crafty side, you can always make your own stylish items for your prom. If you have an older pair of shoes, that are broken in so you know you will have comfort for your feet, you can always change them into a beautiful pair of glitter heels. Glitter is in this year, so why not put your creative side to work?

If you are planning on styling your hair at home, you could always incorporate in some homemade headbands. These are simple to make; you can customize it to add a little bedazzle that will complement your dress. There are so many sites that offer pictures, and videos on how to do these and some of them show you how to make them with items you have around the house.

How Will You Get To The Prom?
Of course, it’s only natural to want to go to the prom in a decked out limo. Trying to fit it into your budget could be an issue. Going with a group of friends is one of the best ways to afford it. There are limo sites that can give you ideas of how to get a limo for cheap. They can help you decide what type of limo would suit your needs, and your group of friends. It’s important to know, that even though you are paying for the limo, you cannot bring alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal items into the limo.

Decorating For The Prom
You have all your personal details worked out for going to the prom. Now if you are helping in planning the prom, you can do cheap prom themes. There are many websites, or stores that can provide you with great ideas.

These sites will not only tell you cheap ideals, but they will also give you great ideals on how to utilize these cheap items.

Say you decide to do Broadway as a theme. You can decorate the entrance of the school gym doors to hide the fact that it’s the gym by using the black gleam N Curtain that shimmers, it sets a stage of beauty going into your prom. By putting along the walls some tragedy and comedy mask it will enhance the Broadway feel.

For party favors’ on a cheap budget you can place top hats, and star confetti bursts in the middle of the table. The guest will love how they explode with a burst of fun.

The possibilities for a cheap prom night are limited. By looking around online you can find almost anything you need to pull off a super cheap night, and look like to spent a small fortune.

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