Alpina Madness Revisited: The 2017 B7

The tuning experts at Alpina have got their hands on the latest BMW 7-Series, turning an already impressive executive saloon into a performance powerhouse.

Alpina Madness Revisited: The 2017 B7

Dubbed the B7, Alpina’s latest creation boasts a 4.4-litre twin turbo engine, from which engineers have managed to squeeze a whopping 591bhp. This pushes the otherwise sedate and stately 7-Series into supercar territory in terms of acceleration and straight line speed.

Racing Pulse

There will be differences between the versions of the B7 that are sold in the UK and the US. While the former will feature a lighter two-wheel drive setup and thus offer a slightly higher top speed, the latter will be quicker off the mark thanks to its four-wheel drive system, hitting 60mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Both variants will come with the same eight-speed automatic gearbox, with shifting buttons mounted on the steering wheel for that race car feel.

Drivers will also be able to make adjustments to the setup of the chassis to suit their needs, with the pneumatic suspension meaning that the ride can either be stiff and sporty or supple and comfy. It is even possible to manually adjust the ride height; alternatively, you can allow the B7 to take care of this automatically to make the car as aerodynamically stable as possible at high speeds.

Bad credit car finance in Portsmouth and elsewhere can be procured via companies such as; however, the B7 is unlikely to be within the price range of a lot of people, despite the fact that the final cost in the UK has yet to be announced.

Good Looks

The B7 may be a beast when it comes to performance, pushing close to 200mph with its top speed, but Alpina has not neglected the luxury on the inside. Leather upholstery, high-end infotainment capabilities and a number of bespoke touches make sure that this stands out from even the already impressive 7-Series range.

On the outside there are perks, including 20-inch alloy wheels, with buyers having the option to pick a 21-inch set of rims if the standard Alpina set is not flashy enough for them.

Since BMW has yet to announce its own M7, the B7 from Alpina will be the best way for buyers to get a sportier experience from their executive saloon.

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