Alternatives To UPVC Conservatories

If you are looking to add a conservatory to your home that really stands out, UPVC may not always be the best way to go: Whilst this wonder-material is a popular choice to build conservatories from, it is not to everyone’s tastes, especially if you are looking for something that looks and feels a bit ‘different’ from the other conservatories in your neighbourhood.

The good news is that there are some great alternatives to UPVC which can, with the right design and attention to detail in the build, produce some truly spectacular results.

For a more traditional mood, choose wood
If you have a period property, or even if you’d like to just evoke the spirit of days gone by with your conservatory creation, Timber could turn out to be the way to go for you!

Whilst timber is not quite as low-maintenance as UPVC, if you choose from a reliable supplier, you can expect to enjoy a hard-wearing, extraordinarily beautiful finish that few other materials can match.

The secret to a more durable timber conservatory is to choose quality wood and a conservatory manufacturer who really knows how to get the best from this traditional building material.

With so many kinds of wood available, you’ll have a high degree of choice when it comes to finding the right finish and properties that your dream conservatory requires.

Aluminium – for cutting-edge modern designs
Whilst UPVC and timber can be extremely hard-wearing building materials, Aluminium will give you the ultimate in strength and resistance to the elements.

If you are looking for a more up-to-date look and feel, this metal is a highly versatile option – the high strength-to-weight ratio that has seen this metal become the go-to material in aeronautics and motorsports opens up many design possibilities.

Whether you are seeking an adventurous masterpiece of modernism or a classically-themed work of art as the end result of your conservatory build project, aluminium will allow your vision to be perfectly realised.

These days, manufacturers are able to create aluminium conservatory structures in a number of exciting finishes, with plenty of colour options and treatments being possible due to advances in technology.

The choice is yours
Ultimately, the best material choice for your conservatory is down to your goals for the project: seek advice from an expert to find out the benefits and disadvantages of each material in more detail and see what is best for you!

The author recommends that you think very carefully about what material you should choose for the construction of your conservatory.

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