Amazing Facts About The Ocean

The sea is a body of saline water that unites a large part of the planets hydrosphere. The hydrosphere in physical geography describes the combined mass of water found on and under the earth’s surface.

The ocean contains ninety-seven percent of all the water, while the other three percent is found in lakes, rivers and frozen in glaciers.

Here are three amazing facts about the water in the ocean:

Number One – It Regulates The Climate
The ocean’s current greatly affects the earth’s climate. It transfers the heat in the water from the tropics to the cold waters in the Polar Regions. This transforms the warm or cold air and aids precipitation to the inland regions, with the help of the wind.

For instance, the reason most of Western Europe has such a temperate climate is because it lies downwind of an ocean basin and because of the atmospheric waves, it brings warm air north inland from the subtropics.

Number Two – It Feeds Us
Around four and a half billion kilograms of fish are caught every year and distributed throughout the world. It is also the source of nearly sixteen percent of the protein that we eat. On a side note, the reason why protein is so important is that it is the building blocks of muscle and ensures that your body functions properly. Without protein, your body is unable to develop and grow, causing you to become malnourished.

A second reason why fish is so important is that it provides you with the right vitamins and minerals to ensure you live a healthy life. These vitamins and minerals help boost your energy levels and immune system, which helps your body remain strong and fight off most illnesses.

Number Three – It Provides Employment For Millions
The two most common ways that the ocean creates business are through fishing and mining.

Fishing – As mentioned above, around four and a half billion kilograms of fish are caught on an annual basis. This fish is caught and transferred to shops to sell. In America in 2011, fishing accounted for around five billion dollars in revenue.

Mining – The ocean floor is constantly being mined for oil, diamonds and any other valuable commodities found under the sea’s base. In 2011, mining contributed a massive seven percent (fourteen trillion dollars) to the American annual income.

In conclusion, the ocean is a vital part of our daily lives. The ocean provides us with food, work and ensures that the temperatures are regulated to the extent that we are able to survive. So next time you take a drive past the ocean, remember why the ocean is so important.

I am Greg Jones, a water coolers user and water conservation specialist.  In my spare time I love nothing more than handing out with friends and family at the beach and playing water sports. I recently bought a Jet Ski and come summer, I plan on spending even more time in the water.

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